Tekk was created as a part of a project that focused on creating life through means other than natural birth. The hopes of the experiment was to eventually make it so that a persons thoughts and memories could be transferred into one of the android bodies and this could preserve and or expand the length of time that person could live. It also was hoped that it would provide a way to overcome otherwise incurable conditions or life threatening illnesses. To start with however the government had to study how the androids processing worked and thus came stage one: Project EOMB.

Project EOMB focused upon a specific type of android that was supposed to be able to "become human" as it picks up on the way things were in the world around them. The idea was to make a system that was similar to how actual people learned. Experimental Observational Morphing Droid ( EOMB ) was abandoned however when it became apparent that the influence of things such as radio,television, or even conversations which contained violent content and was exposed to the android in their first month of processing could lead them to becoming violent in their nature. Due to the sensitivity of the androids processing during that time period the government decided it was better to shut down the whole project.

All of the activated androids were killed with a high current of electricity and and the non-activated ones were sent to be discarded and burned. Tekken was one of the newest models that the project had designed and was never activated. He, like the other androids were sent off to be destroyed, however along the way he was stolen by a group of carjackers who, not knowing what to do with him discarded him in an ally.

He remained the until one day someone stumbled upon him and accidentally turned him on.