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Captain Atom's Powers and Abilities
-Quantum Field Manipulation - Captain Atom's metal skin is a conduit that is connected directly to the Quantum Field, a limitless void of all matter and all energy that enables him to absorb, generate and manipulate infinite amounts of energy and matter. The amount of which he can use is limited by his willpower, scientific knowledge, and imagination. The Quantum Field has given him various uses, and many of which are unknown. Although he is able to use it with limitless potential, he most commonly uses it for his superhuman physical abilities, and his ability to manipulate energy and matter. The Quantum Field also grants him various immunities and/or resistances against telepathy and molecular manipulation.

- Invulnerability - Dilustel metal "skin" has a symbiotic relationship with Captain Atom's body and is virtually indestructible, highly resistant to various degrees of damage from energy, heat, lasers, missiles, warheads, the interior of a black hole, etc. In certain situations, his skin can be breached, most notably by X-ionized weapons or weapons that are made to cut/punch through any surface (Crimson Avenger's enchanted bullets, Zealot's swords, etc.). Against physical force, he's shown to withstand punishment from some of the strongest beings (Wonder Woman, Major Force, Mr. Majestic, Ultraa, Apollo, Orion, Maul, Power Girl, etc) without having his skin breached. His invulnerability extends to being impervious to certain magical spells and attacks.

- Superhuman endurance - The energies of the Quantum Field sustain Captain Atom. When covered in his Dilustel skin, he has no need for food, sleep, or oxygen. He can survive in outer space and doesn't need to breathe. His endurance is increased to superhuman levels, and he can perform strenuous activity for a long and undefined period.

- Energy Projection and Manipulation - He is able to emit blasts of any type of quantum-based energy from any part of his body at once, but normally prefers using his hands for ease of aim. He is able to control the magnitude and wavelength of his energy blasts at will. He can stun his opponents with his blasts at the lowest setting. But, at higher settings, he's shown to blow up aircraft (ranging from fighter jets to large spaceships, such as Kobra's Ark), tanks, stagger powerful super-powered beings, incinerate a human being down to their bones or completely vaporize them, detonate atomic explosions, and the list goes on. At one point, the force from high-powered blasts have started earthquakes (while Atom was fighting another being underground). With the Quantum Field, he is able to generate and manipulate forces along the Unified Field (fundamental forces). In the same way, he learned to access weak force energy, manipulate gravitational forces, and electromagnetism (has generated pure light from his body, and manipulated electromagnetism to shut of the Ray's powers with a simple blast of energy). The Quantum Field also grants his Quantum blasts with the effect of intense heat, and he has shown to be able to melt down dense metallic substances and heat things up with what he likes to call 'Quantum heat.' At one point, he applied his energy manipulation to manipulate the electric impulses in one's brain, in order to put them to sleep. Captain Atom is also able to generate energy shields (strong enough to stop things as powerful as entropy) around himself, and others. He was once able to transmute the force of an energy blast, as well.

- Superhuman Strength - The limits of Captain Atom's physical strength are unknown, but based on his showings, he is well in excess of Class 100 and is well within Superman's strength class, although not exactly equal to him. To date, he's been able to physically fight and/or inflict damage on beings such as Wonder Woman, Mr, Majestic, Ultraa, Major Force, Superman (who was brainwashed at the time), and the like. It was stated that he is strong enough to move around mountains.

- Superhuman Reflexes - Captain Atom is able to think, move and react at superhuman speeds, significantly greater than humans. Dr. Heinrich Megala revealed that Captain Atom was once able to move faster than he could think during his experimental testing of Captain Atom's powers. He has shown to react fast enough to stop bullets with his hand, and move fast enough to intercept gunfire after it's already left the barrel. He has also displayed some level of superhuman speed during his battle with Ultraa. Recently in the New-52 reboot, Captain Atom had a lengthy conversation with the Flash, which happened in the space of 3 thousandths of a second.

- Energy Absorption - Extreme energy absorption that's second to none in the DC Universe. With proper control, concentration, and regulation of his energy absorption rate, he is capable of absorb infinite amounts of energy to avoid quantum jumping through time. There is almost no form of energy that Captain Atom is unable to absorb. In the new 52 he absorbed a Nuclear Bomb.

- Techno-Interface - He has also shown the ability to telepathically interface with computer networks and the binary system.

- Matter Manipulation - He has shown to manipulate cohesive force to make 'protomatter.' On occasion, he has shown to transmute solid objects, akin to Firestorm, having transmuted Green Arrow's arrows into butterflies and a firearm into a toy spaceship. He used his ability to affect matter on an atomic scale to turn Maul and Engineer back into their human forms. Depending on the situation, it appears as if this ability is used on instinct or with some level of concentration. At one point, he was able to create a universe within the Quantum Field. In the new 52 he was able to turn two fighter jets into feathers.

- Time Travel - Through great concentration and strain, he is capable of traveling ahead in time (without the aid of Quantum Jumping) for a limited period before returning to the present (about a week ahead or so).

- Flight - Ability to fly at supersonic speeds (speeds at Earth's escape velocity or greater) in an atmosphere and at sub-light speeds (more than half the speed of light) in interstellar space & when traveling interstellar distances. However, Captain Atom claims that he can hit light speed if he wants to.

- Enhance abilities - Because the Quantum Field is based on his willpower, he has the ability to enhance his superhuman abilities. So far, he has shown to enhance his physical strength, the magnitude of his energy blasts, his flight speed, his senses (most notably his hearing), and his stamina (during a battle in which he was weakened).

- Military Experience - Has Air Force officer training in covert operations, military weaponry (mostly firearms), strategy, and hand-to-hand combat (quite possibly based on MAC training). Major Nathanial Adam also has strong survival instincts derived from his experiences during the Vietnam War.

- Air Force Pilot - He is a skilled combat pilot.

There is also speculation that this version of Captain Atom being an Elemental (Quantum Elemental) along with Swampthing (Earth), Red Tornado (Air), Firestorm (Fire) and Naiad (Water).

DCU Captain Atom
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DCU Captain Atom
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