So far I've only made the one on my profile. That's an example, so it's not anyone's avatar, it's simply my oldest avi worth over 1mil. :T But I make art for everyone! All work is in color, please specify if you want only black/white.

Currently working on art for:
~Demetria-Love (winking, sign says "I gots da booty" wink
~PukingUnicorns (sign says "Puking Unicorns, man" wink
~Adrivna (sign says "Adrivna" wink
~Gavin Freee
~Lizabeth Storm (winking)
~NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERDS (sign says "take me to a hospital" wink
~Etro of Valhalla (sign says "Etro of Valhalla)
~Askarth (sign says "hi" wink
~f l 0 r a l (winking, sign says "I'm a classy b***h" wink
~B r i t a l i a n V2 (winking)
~leonprimrose (winking)
~lady porcey (sign says "I'm a wittle Kitty" wink
~That Lovely Hylian (winking, sign says "whatever floats your root beer" wink
~luns (sign says "I'm Luna" wink
~Professor Adventure (sign says " " wink
~Daraku <3 (sign says "I will ******** eat your soul" wink

Message me if you want art, too! It's free, I don't like charging for my work.

ALSO~! Let me know if you want your avi to wink and/hold a sign, but you'll have to let me know what you'll want on it. c: