holy hannah. been a while, hasn't it? :]

lots has happened, obviously.

First, training.

My initial summer goal of running a 5K is out the window for now; thanks to rib issues, a nasty spring shin splint, and the onset of exercise asthma (... yup. now i have to use inhalers every. fricken. day. I feel so weak and retarded....), I haven't been quite up-to-speed. But I'm getting there. Earlier this week I ran a third of a mile without stopping.

That's progress for a girl who, not even a year ago, couldn't run a lap around the gym without dying.

My bike also managed to have both front and back tires go flat on the same day, and I was so frustrated with it I just got a different bike. With a carrier, too, so I've been biking to get groceries. ^^

So with that, I'm down 15 pounds since Christmas. Not real special, considering this is where I started. *sigh*

My eventual goal is to be in the century club, essentially. The doc said my highest weight was in March 2007, tipping the scales at 237 pounds. Since I more than likely gained the extra three pounds to get me to 240 at one point, and my goal is to get to 140 (more on that later), that would equal 100 pounds of me GONE.

So, to get there. I have a series of goals.

in terms of numbers, the weight goals are to hit 200, 185, 160, and then 140. Much more manageable that way.

As of right now, I'm at 215. *sigh* Junior year of high school I was down to almost 200........

I also have exercise goals. I want to first run a half-mile, then a mile without stopping, then work on a 5K. (I'm also a fan of interval training, though, so that may take a little longer...)

I'd also like to be able to make longer trips on my bike. the longest one I've done is to Sandy Hollow and back, which is about an 8-mile round trip. I'd eventually like to work up to 20.

oh humanity.

Also, got another job. At Pizza Ranch. biggrin Had my first night last week.

Radio job is okayish. I've taken over the books (the idiot before me screwed everything up, so we're missing three months of stuff. idiot boss won't let me ask the business office for a detailed summary of what we gave them those three months; instead, he wants me to just forget about it.), but since that doesn't take too long, I'm left with a lot of extra time.

Cue the new hobby: Crochet. biggrin After fiddling around with a lot of little projects (I've probably made more than a dozen, but I've only kept 3 without ripping them out haha), yesterday I started on a simple granny square afghan. I knew it was going to be incredibly simple, yet I wanted to anyways. (I found much more difficult patterns online that I successfully practiced, but alas...) There's something to be said for having something so easy that you can knock out a block per hour. (yep, I'm going pretty slow. Switching colors a lot is a pain. and running radio at the same time also detracts from concentration...)

I am also reading up to get my motorcycle endorsement. :] Mom and Lonnie traded in Lonnie's dirt bike to get a decent 650cc motorcycle. Since lonnie can't have passengers, and mom refuses to let me ride with her, I'm just gonna learn myself. mrgreen I have to take a written permit test, then take a BRC course, where they'll teach us EVERYTHING, and at the end we take our skills test there. If we pass, we can drive legally!

My only fear is shifting. Dad never taught me stick.

I may have to talk lonnie into giving me lessons.............

pretty sure he would, too. Just have to know how. For the guys in our family, you need to stoke their ego. for lonnie, that's usually all you have to do. To get dad to pitch in with stuff, you actually have to start at it yourself, and dad will help when he realizes you're screwing it up.

Take my dollhouse a couple years ago, for instance. I'd been saying for weeks that I wanted his help getting that stupid thing out of my room. Eventually I just starting working it downstairs by myself, and pretty soon the whole family was pitching in. xD

anyways, yeah. So i need to go shopping for motorcycle gear... proper shoes, boots, jacket, etc. who knows? I may even buy a bike for myself eventually. :]

Have a bunch of fun planned for the rest of summer. :]

Mom's family campout and Twins game the last weekend of this month, next month have a Royalty Reunion (yay for wearing the crown again!!), and going up north for a few days to the lake. Then August will bring motorcycle training (with the county fair during the time I'm home~~), playing piano in my first wedding, moving Karen to Augie, State Fair, then NASHVILLE!!

blargh. slow Saturday. I'm not even on-air; I'm just here to watch a newbie (a high school junior, nonetheless... working at a college radio station. *sigh*). oh well. get paid to sit around.

(((which I honestly really, really hate. I NEED to be doing something productive.)))

so. After this I'll finish up reading the motorcycle manual, email a few people, and crochet. After work, take another nap.

(you know you haven't had enough sleep lately when you sleep for 10 hours and still need to hit the snooze button a few times before you get up...)

blargh. Happy day, people. :]