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ChevelleRose's Randomness Journal
This is a journal of memories and stuff I think is cool. :)
Randomness :D
*The 3 kitten's(from the black and white cat)eyes are opened up now.^^

*The fluffy Siamese cat brought out her grey kitten earlier but it started raining(alot)so she ran away with it again.Idk if she still has her black kitten too.

*I haven't talked to Charlie in a while. So Idk what she is up to. Aside from her deleting her facebook cuz she didn't like it anymore then making a new one only to delete it too.

*My twisted(broken?)finger is finally healing. It appears to be straight and I can wiggle it now and on occasion I feel a sort of 'popping' type feeling. And the only times it hurts is if I accidentally jam it on something.

* I've seen alot of movies lately.

*Idk if I talked about this before but my niece and nephews were here a week ago. Ah wait I think I did talk about this because I made a entry talking about how me and my niece made a zombie/zombie-turned human again avie because we watched Warm Bodies(movie).

*Its been raining here alot.

*I found out that cardinals like red flowers.

*I have a monster craving for Chinese food.

*I'm buying both seasons of Sherlock next month.

*I should start reading the Silmarillon but I'm just so excited about it that I can't read it if that makes sense.

* I tried converting my niece into the hobbit fandom but idk how that is working out.lol She seems to like it but now she really likes the movies: Warm Bodies and Paranorman.

* I watched Role Models(movie) earlier. It was pretty good. I seen it before but I felt like watching it again. It has Sean William Scott in it.

* I had some cereal today that was kinda like chex and it had chocolate in it but it tasted like that captain crunch cereal. I THINK it was called Krave.

* When my nephews played with their game table we bought them for Christmas(when they were here a week ago) I beat Dillon,Riley,and my mom at table hockey and table tennis(i think those are the right names). I think I played with Leah too and we made Dillon go get the ball.lol

* I just remembered that I seen iRobot last week. It was actually better than I thought it would be.

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