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Vocaloid meme
~~★Hatsune Miku★~~
[X] You like the color aqua.
[ ] You have tasted leek and liked it.
[ ] You have a high pitched voice.
[ ] You have long hair.
[ ] You are very popular.
[ ] You have a hard time singing low notes.
Total: 1

~~★Kagamine Rin★~~
[ ] You have blond hair and blue eyes.
[X] You like oranges.
[X] You like to wear bows.
[ ] You can hit higher pitches than other people.
[ ] You have a twin brother.
[X] You like the color yellow.
Total: 3

~~★Kagamine Len★~~
[X] You like bananas.
[ ] You have a twin sister.
[ ] You have blond hair and blue eyes.
[X] You are often called a girl.
[ ] You can hit low pitches and high pitches with no trouble
[X] You like to wear shorts.
Total: 3

~~★Megurine Luka★~~
[X] You have a womanly voice.
[ ] You can hit low pitches easily.
[X] You like the colors pink and blue.
[X] You like tuna.
[ ] You have/had pink hair at some point in your life.
Total: 3

~~★MEIKO/Sakine Meiko★~~
[ ] You like sake.
[ ] You have brown hair.
[X] You like the color red.
[ ] You get drunk easily.
[X] You act like a older sister to other people.
[X] You are quite violent.
Total: 3

~~★KAITO/Shion Kaito★~~
[X] You like ice-cream.
[X] You like the color blue.
[X] You are easy-going.
[X] You like to wear scarves.
[ ] You are often bullied/teased by others.
[ ] You can only hit low, deep notes.
Total: 4

~~★Megpoid Gumi★~~
[ ] You like carrots.
[ ] You want/had green hair at some point in your life.
[X] You have long bangs at the side of your face.
[ ] You can hit low and high pitches easily.
[X] You like the colours green, orange and/or yellow.
[ ] You like to sing calm songs.
Total: 2

~~★Akita Neru★~~
[ ] You have blond hair and blue eyes.
[ ] You don't like/are jealous of Hatsune Miku/someone similar.
[X] You like to wear shorts underneath skirts.
[ ] You are like a tomboy.
[ ] You like to text people.
[ ] You get upset easily.
Total: 1

~~★Zatsune Miku★~~
[ ] You are considered very evil.
[X] You have/had black hair in some point in your life.
[ ] You are sometimes called a goth.
[X] You like the colours black and red.
[ ] You can sometimes be very violent.
[ ] You get angry easily.
Total: 2

so I'm Kaito....

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