The way i grew up wasn't easy. Many things that i've been through, no one should have to be go through. It took me quite a a matter of fact, as of 2011 I started talking more. I can say that..i was about to give up. I though there was nothing for me and that no one cared but it took just a few words from someone who is no longer here. I decided then that no matter what, I was willing to spare my time for others. There's enough pain and hurt in the world so why not try to be there for those who need someone to talk to or to just be there. Often when you may think people do not care, they really do. There doesn't always have to be words to express just that, instead just knowing that they're still here and haven't given up. People who don't care wouldn't stay talk to you or let alone be near you. I have a hard time trusting others but it doesn't mean, i won't trust them. I hate how people are always willing to harass others for stupid things. I've been harassed for typing errors as well as other things. It really shouldn't matter because it's a mistake and everyone makes makes mistakes whether they want to admit or not. This is far less detail than what i could write to express how much this means. What i wrote now should or at least i hope that it will have enough meaning to it for other to get and understand.