I Am Le Troll
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Sorry, just had to do that face. ANYWAYS. Does anyone just wonder what Octopi are here for. Yes, that's what you call a bunch of octopus, octopi. It's not octopusses, nasty.
But, I mean like, what even is the purpose of Octopi. What do they do on Earth that serves them a purpose. Do they just sit around all day and eat. Actually, if I was an animal i'd probably be an octopus. yummy_smilies/icon_tamago.png
Like, if I was an Octopi, i'd be the best thing evar. Not being self-conscious or anything, but i'd probably become the octopi king. Some how, i'll manage to breathe air and come onto land, then to tentacle porn. NO, I was just kidding... What, y'all thought I was serious?