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OK guys so let me tell you about this girl right here. her name is JESSICA MARIANA RODRIGUEZ and she so the most sweetest girl that anyone can have. she may seem like the b***h of the group but she really not. this is me. and i wanna tell the world how awesome i could really be. to start off i am bisexual. i have been for quite some time now its jst never that first thing i wanna tell a person when we meet cuz i know it could be really weird. i am a very chill, out goin girl that loves to hang out and jst have a good time. parties, dances, raves are my life. i love to dance, cook, draw. drinkin is much of a habit as others but i do and jst have fun with it. i have smoked weed and still do cuz it is awesome. smilies/icon_rofl.gif
second of all i am one of those girls that keeps their word. i think even though i am bi for me to cheat on a guy with a chick is the exact same thing as if i was straight and vise versea. no matter what sex i am with they are who im with and everyone else in the world dnt mean a damn to me. i will and always will be 100 percent faithful in any of my relationships. i am not a cheater. I HATE CHEATING. its happened to me all the time and i no i dnt like it so i dnt do it to anyone else. theres no point if u not interested in that specific other then jst move on dnt keep them around jst to hurt them.
i guess all n all this is me

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