Rusty Schaquelfurd
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zOMG AllDay With Emily
Today, Tuesday, June 18th, 2013, smilies/dramallama.gif from 11: am, to 1:21am, i hung out with my lovely girl smilies/icon_heart.gif friend on the fun game zOMG.
She had never played before and i was just getting her to learn how to play more than what she picked up from the time that she played without me in the two hrs iwas asleep. we basically grinded the Fluffs ALL FREAKING DAY. i got somany rings and found out that she probably has better rings than ido. i went from 39.6k to 104.9k just grinding the fluffs.. made probably over 2k orbs and spent them all.. every single one..
got wish to 10 and diagnose to 9.4. rest is 6.2 or below..