His Poor Insane Son
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Nothing to say this time around, I'll just get right into it I suppose. Everything in blue is myself, everything in black is original content.

Zim: Well Dib, Remember the rules of this house and me.

The rules of you? Wait wat.

Rule number one of the house: Do not go out that door without my permission, Rule number 2: No sneaking off, Rule number 3 listen to me, Rule number 4 No staying up passed 12 and number 5 you do not ever call me Zim or you will pay got it?

Zim. ||D

Dib: Yes Sir. (Zim slaps him)
Zim: What was that; !
Dib: Yes master!


Zim: No yelling or raising your voice me.


Dib: Yes master.
Zim: Good (Zim walks over to the couch)
Zim: Dib come here (Dib walks over to him)
Zim: You need to be punished for yelling at me you, know that Get on my lap now.

Wait, when did this even happen? Even after going back to reread twice I don't see any yelling.

(Dib bends over Zims lap, Zim takes off him belt, Folds it in half and looks at Dib)
Zim: Am doing this for your own good you know that right?

Ack, what a bloody liar.

Dib: Yes master.
Zim: Good boy now you will take this you hear me?
Dib: Yes master.
(Zim Raise's the belt, He hits Dibs butt Dib didn't Beg he just sobbed, Zim hit him again, Dib cried, Zim hit him again, Again, Again, again, again, again, again and Finally again)

Call me crazy, but I strongly suspect that this will turn into a ZaDr fic pretty soon.

Zim: Good boy will you ever yell at me again?
Dib: No Master.
Zim: Good Now sit up. ( Dib sat up on Zims lap and Zim held him close)

Getting closer.

Zim: Be good from now on ok?
Dib: Yes master.


( Zim kisses Dib on the lips and Then he licks Dibs lips they start freach kissing)
Zim: Mmmm lets take this to the bedroom. ( Dib fallows Zim as soon as they get there Zim pushes Dib on the bed and hour later Zim is holding Dib close to him) Zim Sighs: I love you Dib
Dib: I love you to Master. ( They kiss, cuddle and then they fall asleep)

Aaaand, here we are.
Only six more chapters of this. I'm just as excited as you are. x v x;;