His Poor Insane Son
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More bad fanfiction, I know you're all surprised. I'm convinced that Invader Zim has the absolute worst fandom. Everything in blue is myself, everything in black is original content.

Dib: Zim I give up please do what ever you want with me torture me, Beat me, make me your slave I don't care please, Please get me away from this nightmare I call a house.

..Literally this is the first sentence in what I was sent. We're off to a fine start. emotion_smilies/icon_facepalm.gif

Zim: Ok I'll make you my slave. But 1st you will have to put your hands on this desk and I'll give you some hand lashes your gonna take everyone, But if you beg for mercy or remove your hands I will know that you are playing with me understand?

I seriously don't even know what to say here. Is beating someone an accurate test of loyalty? That seems a bit stupid.

Dib: Yes sir.

Ack, no. You don't say that. smilies/icon_neutral.gif

(Dib gets up rolls up his coat sleeves and, moves to the desk and puts his hands on the desk while sitting down)
Zim: Now this will hurt but remember no begging for mercy and no removing your hands.
Dib: Yes sir.

Okay, part of me is mad that anyone would surrender themself like that and feels like they probably deserve it but the other part doesn't want to see anyone put through something like this. Author you'll have to help me make up my mind - let's keep going.

( Zim raised the stick, He hit Dib on the hands, Dib didn't move or beg, Zim hit Dib's hand again Dib did same thing, He hit them again, again, again, Again, Again and finally Again)
Zim: You took every single lash am proud of you, Now from now on you will call me Master, not alien scum, just Master.

Alien scum. #thuglyfe

Dib: Yes master.

Right, that too. ^

If you dissobay or displease me you will be punished or worst, Now say it what am I to you Dib?
Dib: You are my master.

Dissobay? ********. Also, "punished or worst"? What is his idea of 'worse' anyway? The only thing I can think of is death, (which technically could fall under punishment,) but after being beaten with a stick and presented with the thought that the rest of your life will be serving your sworn enemy, death isn't sounding so bad.

Zim: Good boy, Now what are you to me Dib?
Dib: Your slave.

Reading this is making me sick to my stomach.

Zim: Good your learning, come along Dib. (Dib fallows Zim outside, He looks at his house one more time He lights a match, throws it at the house, the house catch's on fire he doesn't care he just fallows his Master to his place hey get to his house the house is not that big but not too small it's perfect for two people, Zim and Dib walk in the Door and Dib walks into his new life with his Master)
Zim: Welcome home Slave.
Dib: Thank you Master. ( Dib smiled)

That is not something to smile about, stupid. emotion_smilies/icon_facepalm.gif
Ugh. Until chapter two, I guess. emotion_smilies/icon_8C.png