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Need a place to ramble about OFF
Spoilers abound!

I finished the game yesterday with The 'Official' Batter ending, I need to ramble but my best friend is busy.

After defeating the Judge, it made me feel like I had made The Batter into a killing machine. I didn't realize that The Queen was his wife, or Hugo his kid, until the Judge pointed it out to me. smilies/burning_eyes.gif I like The Batter a lot, honestly. Something about him is just really appealing, I don't know why?? But knowing that he killed his wife (and well as his child) makes me wonder if he has dementia? Maybe the zones that he 'purifies' is really just him going on killing sprees?

Also the bonus ending is really weird. Space apes?? Wha.. I think I'll go for the Ashley Bat sometime soon.

Also, Zacharie has a really nice voice. Enoch is very scary. Japhet is cool. Bad Batter also looks very cool, but I haven't gotten to play the Judge ending yet. Maybe tomorrow?

May or may not ship Batterie a tiny, little bit.