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Takeenata's Entries.
The Journal of Gaia's Greatest Hunter.
Age 6:
Takeenata Lossëhelin is the elven son of his honest father Elessar Lossëhelin, and his beautiful mother Alatariel Lossëhelin. He had no brothers- no sisters- no friends- only the small library in his room that consisted of 50 so books. He would grow up believing and following his and his parents dreams; Takeenata would become Gaia's most important scholar in the fields of magic and sorcery.
Already, Takeenata can send flames through his hands with ease.
He would have become such- if not for...tragic events.

Takeenata woke one dreadful afternoon from a nap, that his parents had asked him to take after reading 10 books straight for three days, to the smell of smoke that smell of burning flesh. Assuming he is having a nightmare- he looked outside his window. It wasn't a nightmare...
Four men had entered the small village that Takeenata lived in, burning down everything with and without value. They had no honor is their slaughter- just the quest for destruction and power. Takeenata knew this wasn't a nightmare- the smell was too real for it to be his mind.
Within a minute of watching the men burn down buildings and scorch people with Hell-fire, Takeenata realized these men were Vampires. He watched the four consume every bit of blood from his parents bodies.
Having not any other options- Takeenata ran away. Though his fire was great- Takeenata couldn't compare to the fury of the four vampires...

Coming back after a few hours of fire and destruction- Takeenata could only see ash. Ashes- more ashes- and even more ashes. Sadly the wind was strong this day- all ashes would be blown away by the winds. Leaving no trace of the murder of his people.

Age 7-9:
From the age 7 to the age 9, Takeenata has been living in the woods by himself. No wolves took him in as a pup, no bears accepted him as a cub. For two years he had to learn to eat- or be eaten.
His fury and rage fueled his fire- that being the only magic he knew. Luckily- his fire became stronger- more power behind the mind of Takeenata.
He has learned to make traps with twine and sticks; traps from sharpened rocks and bones; camouflage using mud and other things he can find; clothes from animal pelts and furs.
Around this age- Takeenata realized he cannot live forever like this. He must find a home. Somewhere- he can be safe again.

Age 10:
Takeenata had followed a trading caravan that he was 90% sure was heading to the nearest city. Unknowingly to the drivers of the cart, Takeenata had been riding inside the cargo- eating healthy fruits and vegetables he hasn't been able to have in ages.

This was his only joy from the past four-years of Hell on Earth.

Given a few days- he would reach a new city. A city much larger than the village he lived in. This one had technology, airships, everything that a normal 10-year-old would dream about. Of course, Takeenata didn't dream about this. For the past four years Takeenata didn't have dreams...only nightmares.

He met a young elven girl- her name was Yaketo. Oddly enough- Takeenata and her became the greatest of friends. Takeenata to this day doesn't know how they became friends, just that they would get into trouble every so often with one another. Namely Takeenata taking the blame for her. He had a bit of a 'crush' on this girl.

Having no house to live in, no family to be comforted by, no food to eat, Takeenata decided he would get a job at the local library. The library of this city was gargantuan compared to the library of his village. Everyday he would work 10 hours, dusting, placing, collecting, and repairing books. He didn't need school, in his perspective, when he worked at a library. He made a deal with the librarian of the city- He would work for 3/4 of payment if he could sleep in the safety of the library. Gladly did he agree with Takeenata's deal.

Age 16:
For Six years, Takeenata has worked at the Library. He was read every book within it's interior, all 15,821 of them. He still had no friends except Yaketo, still had nightmares about his family and the vampires that were responsible for it, and still had 10 Years of built up rage, that he couldn't let go.

Takeenata was looking through the inventory of books, checking to make sure all 15,821 of them were within the city walls. He was astonished to read that just one book was gone. Oddly- this book never existed. Always he believed there was 15,821, when in fact there were 15822.
Tak asked the librarian about the missing book. The librarian told him it wasn't a missing book, but a book that was never checked out in the forty-years the library was open to the public and was taken away by librarian to have room for other books.
The librarian gave him the book as a gift, to keep forever. The book entitled "The Rise and Demise of Gaia's Honored Protectors: The Hunters." The book told of an ancient guild, dating back to the time of knights and dragons, that walked the many planes of Gaia protecting the innocent and killing the guilty, that was soon disband by themselves.
After 10 Years of agony, unimaginable agony, Takeenata knew what needed to happen. The feeling of having no other choice, Takeenata withdrew all the money he had, and left the library he called home.
He told Yaketo, his only friend, good bye. When asked where he was, Takeenata replied "The Mountains of Quazar: Where I will train for as long as it needs to me to be ready." When asked what to be ready about, he replied "To do what needs to be done..."

Takeenata would never speak to Yaketo again, not for a long period of time. The Mountains of Quazar was home to an old group of people who were known to have defeated an army of 100,000 men. Many attempted to learn their moves and ways of attack, some were not worthy, others couldn't handle the training.
Takeenata was deemed worthy...

Age 22:
Takeenata spent the last years, since the age 16, training his mind, body, spirit, and magic. Where he could make flame, he could now rain Hell fire. Where he could lift thirty books at a time, he could lift the bodies of 1,000 dead men in armor. He had turned himself from a elven boy that wanted to be a scholar, to a monster bent on the death of the guilty.
Takeenata reformed the Hunter's of Gaia, under his leadership....

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