Labyrinth Rhapsody
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Out Of Nowhere

No matter how beautiful those flowers you want to offer,
I will still prefer these prickly, dried roses of mine, for they
were also once fresh, like those flowers before, and up until now,
I still have it.

No matter how new and interesting the book you want to give me,
I will not replace this worn and loosed -page book that I have, for
they have a lot of memories I'll never find in other books.

No matter how sweet your voice you may sound,
I will still choose those untuned melodies I've heard in the past,
though they may be a bit unpleasant to my ears, I find it sweet
because it came from the heart.

No matter how good and clean your intentions are,
Thank you, but Sorry, I will not give it up and still
hold on to the ONE my heart desires for so long.

No matter how I cry and suffer a lot,
You may oftentimes witnessed how my heart was torn into pieces,
I want you to know that it was MY CHOICE in experiencing
those hardships;

I'll never regret experiencing these heartaches because
this will serve as a REMINDER for me that I still love him.