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To Kumori Kuragari, regarding May 8th
This is kumori kuragari. She Sophia, is the most beautiful person I have ever met. i havent ever been in this much love ever before. When all of this was going on, i found myself threwn into the middle of it all. and i mean sure, i had my suspicions but what is a guy to do? When i read this,this morning 6/18/2013 at 6:46am I... broke my heart. Because i feel, as Hunter and as her current boyfriend.... that i cant ever live up to Shae. That she, no matter what, will always love him in the end.

I know this isnt true, but.... still.... its hard for me to come to grips with this fact that.... just over a month ago.... she was saying the exact oppisiote that she says now....

Her feelings when i look into her eyes are GENUINE.

Which brings me to this, she is going to meet with Shae today to discuss later drama that happened shortly after this, and this "drama" being the reason i am her boyfriend now. Today, im more then scared. Im downright ******** afraid......

But, i believe her, and everything she says to the point where, i admit somethings are gonna be said today that will hurt me. That will hurt her, that will hurt Shae. i tried to brace her for this but we shall see how it goes i guess. (Maybe after today ill be able to right a journal of my own.) All that i can doiss brace myself for the bad, rejoice for the good, and use today to stregthen mine and her relationship. ....and i will.<3

But now.... about Sophia:

First of all. She is NOT a slut. Anybody who says that will feel my wrath, no matter where you are, or where i end up after today.

Second. i wrote this all on Gaia because this is her hobby. so i know she will see it.

Third: Even though this was more than a month ago, feeling are feelings and theydo not change easily, leading into why i am concerned.

Fourth: I love her. more than she loves Shae, and i hope she knows this. The ends of the Earth and the tip of a knife wouldnt stop me. i promised this, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, ROMANTIC, FUNNY, CONFUSED, DITZY girl that i was hers. FOREVER AND EVER. Call me creepy, attached, psychotic, i dont care okay? no matter what happens today, i will protect her. YOU Sophia. yeah you. You had a hard life, and i offered you my hand (not in marriage) and you took it remeber? YOu signed on for this and you purchased a lifelong subscription.....and im here to fill it out.

Shae, i respect him and all... and i hope this talk goes a good way for you. I Hope and am praying now that everything works out for you. i love you, and... that makes all of this hard to deal with, the distance, ******** SKYPE, and shae.

But if you want me after today (which i think i know your answer to) I'll be here, well maybe not on Gaia, but whatevs.You know how to get ahold of me.

Hunter (Hatoriarashi)

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    Community Member

    Tue Jun 18, 2013 @ 04:18pm

    I just.. oh, my god... Hunter...
    You know me so well...

    Community Member

    Tue Jun 25, 2013 @ 09:11pm


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