Give a description of the person you want to lose (or have lost) your virginity to.

As corny as it was, he was my first love. I never cherished my virginity as much as the people around me, i just put up with it so i wasnt shunned. But yeah, hes still a really good friend. It was sex, nothing special. We were ******** for the longest time then feelings were involved and all that gross stuff.

Which Disney character are you most like?

Something cute and fluffy but is secretly evil and sinister.
Like Stitch... I like to bake and wear bras weirdly too.

Do you think you'd feel better if you know what's going to happen to you later in your life?

No, because then i would fear everyday knowing something was going to happen. I feel better when it hits me at surprise because then I can get away with making quick decisions.

Top 10 favorite songs?

The Coffin is Moving- Ice Nine Kills
Repeating Apologies - Of Mice & Men
Hospital for Souls- Bring me the Horizon
Unforgiven III- Metallica
You Only Live Once- Suicide Silence
Cannibal- Ke$ha
Fashionably Late- Falling in Reverse
Demons- Imagine Dragons
Clarity- Zedd

Who's someone you wish you didn't (have to) say goodbye to?

Uhm, Syrus. My kitty. As pathetic as that is, when you have an animal for so long you get extremely attached and i have terrible separation anxiety

Tattoo: What tattoos do you want or have, and what's the story behind them?

Chemical Drawings for Dopamine and Thyroid behind my ears, Because Im ADHD and Hypothyroid,

Sugar Skulls on my thighs cause they look cool, probably in dedication to my parents.

Lilo from Lilo and Stitch while my sister gets Nani. Siblings tat and that was our favorite movie from being a kid

If you could learn any dance style, which would it be?


List of movies that have changed your life or your way of thinking.

Anything Disney.

If an apocalypse were to happen, what do you think the situation would be?

Like what would I do, or what kind?

No matter what I'm going to die, or become a hollowed out person.

Tell us a story from when you were in high (or middle) school.

I skip, ALOT and it never looks good but my teachers are astonished how much i still know.

Top 3 favorite albums?

Sempiternal- Bring me the Horizon
The Flood- Of Mice & Men
One-X - Three Days Grace