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Name of Character:
Akuma Teishu (Devil's Host)


D-Ranked Genin





Other Boost in Power:

Chakra Types:
Primary Element
Fuuton - Wind Release

Secondary Element
Doton - Earth Release

Tertiary Element
Katon - Fire Release (Unknown)

Favorite Jutsus:
- - - Canon Techniques - - -
Kawarimi - Substitution
Bunshin - Clone
Henge - Transformation
Nawanuke - Rope Escape

- - - Custom Techniques - - -
Juusensha - Heavy Tank (Image)
Juusensha is a large blade, both tall and wide. It's also very heavy. Seemingly something that a genin should not be able to wield, which is partially true. In fact, without a strength-enhancing ability, effectively swinging it is impossible, let alone picking it up.
A seal on the blade's dull side alters the mass of the sword, in a sense. To be more accurate, it allows the Akuma to carry it without any downside related to weight, so swinging it is as simple as swinging your average katana. This seal has one, hidden aspect, though. The effects of the seal are only activated when the owner of the sword is touching the hilt. The name of the owner is also written on the hilt. To get your name on the hilt, one must sacrifice someone else's blood to the sword, then generate chakra through the hilt. The amount of blood needed requires you to kill the person. Once a new owner is deemed worthy, the previous owner's name is removed from the hilt.
Lastly, two special stones have been embedded into the blade. One is directly related to the seal on the sword that makes the sword light to its owner. The second one is used to link his techniques to the sword.

Special Pendent


Ishi Maibotsu - Stone Embedding
This is a unique ability known by a special kind of blacksmith. They don't simply make weaponry; they have mastered it. It's rare to see someone younger than fifty capable of achieving this method, but it is possible if they have been raised by someone with it, and taught since they were able to walk.
Akuma is one of the few who have learned of this at such a young age. It allows him to embed all kinds of equipment, or any object, really, with special stones; stones gathered in the far corners of the world. The embedding of the stones happens instantly, but depending on what the stone brings out, its potential may take a while to fully awaken. These stones allow a number of things.
They can give objects special abilities. They can give them special attributes. They can even temporarily link one of your techniques to an object.
(Note: Any weapon or piece of equipment created by Akuma must be approved before it can be used)

Shinborikkurinku - Symbolic Link
This is an ability directly related to Stone Embedding. Without it, this technique is worthless.
Specifically, this allows Akuma to link an object, normally a weapon, with one of his techniques, usually an elemental one. To do so, Akuma must physically place a special stone onto the object.
That object will then take on the attributes of the linked technique. The end result can vary. Using his sword as an example, if he were to link the sword with a fire technique, the sword might create flames when swung...or the blade itself might simply get very hot. The possibilities are vast.
Any object may be linked, as long as its physical state is strong. If it's something that would break or crumble if weight were placed on it, its too weak of an object. It must be a strong object.

Fuuton: Makaze - Wind Release: Evil Wind
A wind technique with two purposes related to Akuma's hands. If wind chakra is placed into his palms, he can create a dull sphere of wind that is used to push objects at a range of fifteen feet. The size of it is about six inches in diameter.
If wind chakra is placed in his fingers, he can create a sharper mass of wind, about six inches in length, that can cut through certain objects. It's not strong enough to cut through steel, but it can cut through wood with ease (although its obviously limited in length).
The wind is barely visible; it's easy to miss if you aren't paying attention. Since wind is not exactly physical, blocking the actual wind is almost impossible. Blocking Akuma's arms/hands, however, isn't.

Fuuton: Eado-mu - Wind Release: Air Dome

Doton: Kodate - Earth Release: Small Shield
A very simple Earth technique that's generally used as a defense. By generating chakra at a small point in his body (limited to six inches in diameter -- although this amount can be split up (i.e. Akuma can use this on multiple areas, as long as the combined size does not exceed six inches), he can cause that point of body to harden. It becomes hard enough to block a simple katana without any damage. If used on his feet or hands, it can also make his punches or kicks much more effective.
Using this ability takes time. Or rather, altering it after its used does. The initial use happens instantly; however, if Akuma wants to alter the areas affected by this technique, he must wait two posts.

I will fill this in later.

I'll fill this in later too.

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Amatsu Teishu
Sunagakure Genin

"You probably think I'm inferior because I'm a blacksmith..."

"...You shall be proven wrong, for once I show you my blade..."

"...Your corpse shall feed on your own limbs, one by one."