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Let my mind run free.
So I decided to go to rally one night out of boredom not expecting much, and happen to ran in a group of awkward people. I didn't think much of them till I saw a pig running around. I decided to mess around with it, trying to make bacon out of it haha. I chased it till I gave up and started raging in Vietnamese, then all of a sudden the pig understood! The pig talked back to me in Vietnamese and we had a little awkward Vietnamese conversation going. I decided to stalk the pig's profile arghhh I still remember my reaction. It turns out the pig was a girl, and a very pretty one too! I told her to go eat Pho' with me and she said yes! Aghh I told her to marry me as a joke and continued talking to her. It was getting pretty late so I asked her does she want to Skype when I got up, she said yeah. I was so excitedm although we just met, although we were total strangers at the time I felt a connection. I decided to sleep for like 2 hours ( it was like 8 A.M. at the time) and woke up, took a shower and everything. I got ready to talk to a stranger? haha I remember when we first talked I forgot to turn on my cam and she had hers on, so I saw her before she saw me. (Mwahahaha it was by accident) She was beautiful, and I told her she was, but she would always deny it. She was down to earth, really nice, and really open minded. I tried my best to impress her, but all I did was stared at her awkwardly. I was so hypnotized by her gahhh. After we talked from that point on everyday felt as if we are tightening the little awkward bond we had. I was already interested in her at the time, but I wasn't really looking forward for a relationship. (I was going through a lot at the time) Then one day I got a pm... It was from her. She bought me a promise ring saying that she would accept me no matter what. It felt like time itself went to a stop. I read the pm over and over... That's when I really started having feelings for her, I became attached to her, I became clingy to her... something I've never did with a girl. I never grew so dependent on a girl before. I wanted to spend time with her, but then again I don't want to have a appearance of being someone that is so needy. She just.. She makes me so happy. One night we were just talking and I told her I liked her, and she said she liked me too, I was going crazy. Like literally. Like screaming arghagahagh literally, but I didn't ask her out. I told her how unstable I was at the time, I told her the things i was going through, I told her I didn't want to hurt her. By my surprise she was still there for me...She still likes me after I told her all my flaws. I swear I've never felt that way with a girl before. Shes different, shes understanding, shes helping, she never gives up. We continued talking for a couple of days until April 16th... That day I did something I've never did before, I didn't want to lose her I had to make a decision so I did. It took a lot of confidence, but I did. We were talking, just talking normally and Bruno mars came on with "Marry You" I knew it was the perfect time, I didn't hold back, I told her straight up. I told her "Jane... would you be mine?" My heart was pounding, waiting for an answer. I looked at her and saw her lips begin to smile and she laughed and said yes. she said yes aghhhh! We've been going smoothly so far, although we had a couple of bumps in the road we always manage, mostly because of her. She is willing to stay with me after all the things I've put her through. I could have sworn I felt tears coming out of my eyes when I asked her "Baby why do you even bother? why do you even try? Is it all worth it?" She told me straight up that I was worth it. I don't see how a guy like me deserves such a kind hearted girl like her.. But I wanted to stay. I wanted to stay with her. She was willing to fight for me even when I was giving up. How am I so lucky to get a girl like this? Why am I so stupid pushing her away? I'm not pushing her away anymore, she means to much now. I'm willing to be more open to her, I'm willing to tell her whats on my mind. I'm willing to change for her, cause she has always been there for me. Now my only mission now is to be the perfect boyfriend for her. Something I should have done from the start. Although bumps, if not mountains will be blocking out path in the future, I'm willing to climb over it.. With her, together. I'm done with walking around things leaving her behind. We're in this together, I should have accepted this from the beginning. Thank you so much for letting me see things clearly again baby, and thank you for putting up with me. Guys I want you to meet my girlfriend Jane (': (April 16th and going!)

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