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Are you trying to figure me out, princess?~* Or.. -leans towards- do you wish for me to write about you? ♡ ;)
Happy Father's Day

One should always be grateful to one's parents, not just on their holidays! smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif

This was when I was younger

I was a little sad about my parents (^O^)/
and my father comforted me.
"Family always has the strongest bond."
"I'm always thinking of my family." - Suoh Yuzuru


["Suoh 2nd Mansion,
Sunday 7AM"]

["Tamaki's bedroom"]
-invited Father to roleplay in his entry with him;
they weren't starting yet until he started typing?
setting: everyone is in the Chairman's office-

"-pleasantly sitting behind his desk, speaking to his wonderful audience- I remember when you were a little boy, Tamaki, I had flown to France to see you and your mother for Father's Day..." smilies/icon_4laugh.gif


-steps forward, placing his arm out between the two parties, stopping him-
Father!! Please, not in front of the girls-!!?

"-blinks- Oh. -places a hand on his chest- I'm sorry. -digs for a camcorder hidden in his jacket while he's at it- Maybe Fujioka-kun would like to see..."

Σ(°Д° ll||;;; )
-horrified, extending his hand out with no words coming out-

No, no, no!!! My sons already have a poor image of their father!

"All right. But the other students heard you."

('That is your fault...' (thoughts while Father speaks)


"Please come and sit, ladies, and let your Headmaster entertain you of tales of "Master Tamaki"'s younger and adorable days~~~"

-leans a palm on a wall- ...Father. It's my day too. ll||;; -wonders where his respect has gone-

"-peeks his head over, beaming- Exactly, Tamaki. Your guests and I are talking/listening about your stories and adoring you. Did Tou-san do a good job?"

-extends his open palms to the two seated princesses, indirectly (for those who don't need help) or directly helping them up, gathers the others and requests their departure, ushering them out of the office, closing the door, and returning to the front of the Headmaster's desk-


"I thought you liked attention. And being the centre of attention too."

Not that kind of attention!!

Since when did you like the idea of the Chairman's son becoming the laughingstock of Ouran? (@readers: I'm already the Hikaru Genji, Club President/Leader, and respectable Host Club King!)

"-slightly smirks while he stands and steps towards him, his hands firmly by his side like the businessman he is, staring at him- It's not my fault your charm oozes the wrong way and you can't control it whatsoever, like your 'sons'."

-grunts, holding back frustration, before he glances down, not talking back to his father and his helpful observation-

"Tamaki. You're a very silly boy!
You look too serious for a joke~~
In all seriousness, learn to control your "superpower" charm.
It will help."

You... You're not allowed in our exclusives anymore. You make a mess of things.

"But... Q - Q -Tamaki doesn't want his father anymore!?!?!! </3-"

You know we require good publicity, Father...

Thanks for your participation.
Let's go downstairs for breakfast.

Thank you for coming over from the Main Mansion. I know you had to inform your chef, Grandmother, the rest of your staff, my staff...just for this morning before work.

"Oh. It's quite all right. Anything for my dear son! Today is a special day. Everyone understands."

Breakfast with Father
all my favourites


Happy Father's Day, everyone!

This was from when I was once ill and stayed home. ha ha ha

-bows- Now, if you will all excuse me,

I must go study for my (July) final exams.

(reminder: summer break for Ouran Academy isn't until ~July 24)

Like father, like son emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif

That means you have double the fun. Aren't you happy? smilies/icon_whee.gif


([disclaimer: I winged the roleplay. Sorry for the moments where there didn't seem to be a path or point ;;; It was aimless in my head too so I can't fix it, I'm sorry! D8] ...Originally, the entry was supposed to be just the two first Father/Son pictures. Today is not as big of a deal compared to Mother's Day--

*Yuzuru sits in his corner of woe*

...F-Father. Hang in there. Uwaa. I understand your feelings. Don't worry. -empathetic-

-continues from earlier-
However, it became fun. More importantly, of course, I will pay my respects to the man who raised me.

TAMAKIII smilies/icon_heart.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif -hooks an arm around his neck, rubbing his head-

emotion_smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif Fa...Father... -"harassed"-


-sighs, running his hand through his hair- I was supposed to post entries before this one that has a set date, but I have to study so I won't be able to look at the Word documents.


...He raised me and he entertained me with Japanese culture. I had a marvelous childhood emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif


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