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The Inner Workings of Onesself
Lots of randomness & meaningful stuff about moi, the one & only Kari-chan.
Word to the wise on Toledo
If you were thinking of moving or vacationing in Toledo, OH and have a dog....a little word of warning from a passion-filled animal lover and future vet tech, this city is not very dog friendly despite the many rescue shelters and all the effort to stop the old ways of the city dog warden of destroying many many dogs too quickly to be adopted especially 'pitt bulls'.

There's only like 2 or 3 dog friendly hotels if that. I know the "Extended Stay America" and "Motel 6" are for sure because I contemplate living there temporarily at times when I'm down on my luck living with my parents, like I am at this very moment, whom I never wanted to move back in with once I went to college. Almost all businesses with outside seating, none except service animals allowed. They talked about putting up a dog park in Ottawa park across from the Toledo Hospital, so much support from the dog owners like myself living in the area at the time we were even willing to pay a small fee for usage, that completely fell through and never was brought up again.

Dog related events besides professional shows, few and far between or they're a very well-kept secret because I don't hear about them until they're done & over with. I don't care for uppity, snooty shows for the vain and rich so even when I know about them you won't see me in attendance and I won't count them as being 'fun' for me or my pooch.

Housing is the biggest problem in my eyes and what I'm mostly basing my view point on. This is my 4th-5th time looking for a place to stay in a mostly safe neighborhood, low to no section 8 housing, police aren't investigating a shooting death/violent robbery 2-4 times a week in. A huge portion of some, if not most, of at least 1 of the areas like this is college town housing. No pets allowed or cats only! Another portion of the market though spread out over the whole city, I'm a poor college student I don't make much, is all senior housing. All kinds of pets allowed depending on the complex. These prices offered to students and elderly are around what I can afford living alone. I don't have the ability to live with someone I'm not dating I've tried and it's failed miserably, one time was with a "best friend" so I'm kinda screwed on affordability based on sharing.
The other places allowing dogs in areas not exactly in Toledo, but surrounding it, are all ridiculously expensive! The lower priced ones, cats only, bullshit I say.

If you can afford a home of your own the directly above doesn't apply to you you're lucky and housing a dog wouldn't be a problem, but for those of us who can only afford an apartment (I don't have $30,000 saved up somewhere for a house and the banksters of course won't approve me a home loan, I've tried already with my ex-fiancée who had wonderful credit and a high income) we're ******** over unless we can afford to shell out $430+ a month and that's just Toledo you're looking at a base of $500-$650/mo. for Perrysburg, Maumee, Ottawa Hills and Springfield!
And all for the peace of mind someone's not going to break in while you're at home asleep, as the bold ever increasingly dangerous assholes do.

The neighborhood I was forced to move to in high school, & immediately wanted to move back out of after only 2 months, is considered the inner city & is like this. I believe we've had well over 5 attempted break-ins, one they actually got in but weren't able to get anything out, before 2011 & we have a Guardian Alarm system that is loud as hell! At least 3 happened before we were here a whole year May 2007-May 2008, & there were stray bullet holes in my grandmother-in-laws front window and bedroom wall! There of course are plenty of housing rentals here where the owner will allow you to have a dog, go figure right? smilies/icon_stare.gif

So I'm having a really hard time trying to get back into a place of my own after the incident with my ex. My old apartment was so-so the neighbors were kinda weird some being students, some allowing people they shouldn't have to stay in their place, some rude, some were very very friendly. The price was kinda high so I struggled even after getting full time at FedEx (not 40hrs a week mind you), & I wasn't always 100% sure someone couldn't get in I locked everything at night & when I left, but I was happy & never should've let him convince me to leave & stay with him, now I'll never be able to go back there.

I'm currently seeking a second job to get to the safer areas & closer to school. I'm unfortunately facing the prospect I might have to drop out of school for a quarter or so just to be able to work enough to make it & please the boss enough to where I can ask to back off days & hours to go back to school. This upsets me greatly because my program is only 2-3 years, I'm already behind, & when I graduate & get a job in a busy vet clinic money for these things wouldn't be an issue to begin with. Need the education for the job, need the job to pay rent, but school allows less hours at work to be able to pay the rent. FMFL!

I swear the universe hates me seriously, call it what you want, but I've had an overwhelming amount of bad luck recently that seems to get worse & worse as the months pass. I'm getting depressed & about ready to just give up on life.

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