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Dear Reader,
It's friggin' 2:54 in the morning and, unbelievably, I'm not tired. So I'm sitting here on Gaia(Duh!) bored as hell~! Please entertain me, someone. Cause it kinda feels like bordom is chasing me with biggest butcher knife ever lol just kitten. Anyways I'll keep writing and just tell you bout my day. Well first of all I may as well tell you I'm vising my bfoat(best friend of all time) in another state cause she moved. Well, today I pretty much sat around. We watched a movie, went on the computer and watched TV. Yeah, boring I know. There really isn't much else to do though. She lives pretty much in the middle of nowhere smilies/icon_sad.gif But oh well we still have fun sitting around XD Music is what helped the most. I absolutely love music. It's seriously my life. Okay well I don't want to type anymore so if you'd like just PM me and I'll reply asap smilies/icon_smile.gif