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Setsuna's StoryBook
~*~ Welcome to my Journal! Thank you for choosing it to read! Hope you enjoy the little stories that popped out of my brain! ~*~
Another stupid Venting Diary
Here we go again. Here we freakin go again.

I got into 2 fights with my "friends" in one day over the phone. Both were my fault. So what if I don't want to sleep over? So what if I go home early or don't want to go anywhere? First they leave me out and don't invite me to go anywhere, and then I GET BLAMED FOR IT. The other spams me with calls saying it's "urgent," and she refuses to text me so when I finally pick up she wants my help on a video game. Well, I hate talking over the phone because it's uncomfortable and I'm SOCIALLY CHALLENGED. So she gets mad at ME the moment there's an awkward silence and hangs up. And then my mom sounds like she blames me too, and my brother has to chip in and call me moody. There I go. Crying again. I can't do this anymore. I feel so disconnected from them... Are they really my friends? Because it doesn't feel like it.

This part is for my other 2 friends, you know who you are. And unfortunately, I admit, I really took you two for granted. I really did. And now I regret every moment I didn't hang out with you guys. Jesus Christ,you have no idea how much Imiss you both. You're the only 2 who don't judge me, you always mad me feel better, and I would do anything for you guys. I can't even vent to my other friends, let alone cry in front of them. Please help me, I really need you two. I can't express any other way, I need you guys....

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    Rotten Velvet
    Community Member

    Sat Jun 15, 2013 @ 03:31pm

    Hey! Don't you say that was your fault! Dude I get blamed all the time for doing that and I claim it, I'm proud of being quiet and shy. I get called fluttershy all the time (Because of my xbox live group) because I'm so quiet. Pssh! I don't care if they think I'm shy. They can think what they freaking want! I don't give a crap. (And not to make you feel bad - meaning if you do not want to read this part you don't have to) I felt so left out with you and kelci, I sometimes cryed about it, I sometimes would just think about it for about a day. I still remember that you guys made fun of me... You guys said it was fun... Do you know how incredibly bad I felt everyday? Knowing the fact that I was being made fun of everyday for, FUN? I hope this helped some-what. Yeah, I can vent too smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif If this did not help you in anyway or made you feel bad, just pretend you slaped me in le' face. Alrighy? smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

    ~Your friend,
    Zoo Zoo

    Community Member

    Sat Jun 15, 2013 @ 08:58pm

    And I regret every part of every sentence where I said something that made you feel bad. I really do. Even if it seemed like we hated you or something, I hope you know I never knew that "friends" can feel so disconnected, like my new ones. Compared to you, it's like I hardly know them.
    And it's my personal instinct to have to please everyone, and when it feels like I let somebody down, I can't help but feel miserable. And it feels like I'm so weak, I feel awful if I cry or something. It's just that I want to be so much stronger, but when it feels like I'm getting nowhere, I just.. bleh. It's a mess, sorry. But yeah, you really did help, and I'm really really sorry...

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