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Moving to Fast!
im bck
you no i never thought that i would ever feel like crap after getting with someone that i really like. it might be me but i kinda wanna break it off and jst be on my own forever. first it was blayne. he ment so much to me then now i want nothing to do with him after all that he put me through. then it came matt. the same as the first he was sweet and i thought there was more to what we had but man was i wrong... this one is a beater. being hit all the time drew me to my limit. but it didnt help that i was already goin through depression from my first. then that all changed when kyle came into my life. depression what getting better all thanks to him and he became my one priority but that was a load of bullshit as well cuz once a cheater is always a cheater...i would never do that to anyone for as long as i live thats why im so pissed that justin would think that i would ever do that to him when its not true. i loved you jst as much as i loved all these other d-bags. in the end i really hope that josh will be different and i can actually stop being hurt by everyone that i actually dated.. all the chicks that i dated were better then the dudes maybe if this one turns out like the rest thats what im turnning to.
ugh lots of s**t goin n im so done

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