Kaoru sat up and looked out across their room. Hikaru popped up next to him, resting his head on his shoulder. They both tilted their head towards the clock. 6:13. They sighed in unison. "We have homework..." Kaoru mumbled, looking down at his lap. "And I'm hungry." Hikaru whined, wrapping his arms around his twin's waist. Kaoru sighed again, starting to get up. "Let's get dressed then."

Hikaru held tight to his brother, holding him in place on the bed. Kaoru turned to meet his gaze. "Yes?"
Hikaru smirked and swiftly pressed his lips to the other's. He moved his hands up his brother's back as he leaned his head into his neck, running his tongue slowly up. Kaoru shuddered as he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. "You taste good..." Hikaru murmured into the other's neck.
Kaoru placed his hands on Hikaru's chest, pressing lightly, attempting to untangle himself from his twin. "Come on Hikaru, we got stuff to do..."
Hikaru reluctantly released him and stood up. "Yeah yeah..." He sighed as he went over and dig through his drawer, pulling on a T-shirt and some shorts.
Kaoru sat there for a moment before following his lead. Once they were dressed, Hikaru grabbed his brother's hand and led him downstairs where dinner was waiting.

* * * * *

Hikaru threw his pencil on the desk and raised his arms above his head in a stretch. "Done~"
Kaoru looked over at him with an annoyed expression. "Don't throw stuff, Hikaru." He turned back to his work as he continued writing. Hikaru pushed back in his chair and made his way over to his brother's desk, peeking his head over his shoulder. Kaoru payed no mind to him and continued writing. "You're still working on the chemistry? Wanna look at mine?" Hikaru wrapped his arms around his neck, resting his head ontop of the other's. Kaoru stopped writing. "Hikaru... You're distracting me." He sighed and tilted his head up. Hikaru lifted his head and leaned in, looking down into his eyes. Kaoru gazed into his eyes, forgetting for a moment what he was supposed to be doing. Hikaru placed his hand on the side of Kaoru's face and kissed him softly, tugging on his brother's lower lip. He then pulled away and went and sat back at his desk. "Hurry up." Hikaru said impatiently. Kaoru smiled at him before going back to writing.