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Ariana Zareb
Hello, allow me to introduce myself. I am known as Ariana Zareb. It is the name my creator gave me, who my creator is I'll never tell. I am her most used inner self so to speak. She and I have been together for many years, excluding a certain group that also reside in our 'mental village'. Honestly the place is filled with quite a few interesting characters. Some have come and gone, others like myself have stayed.

As I am my creator's 'go-to' inner self, I have become very flexible in the stories or roleplays she uses me in. In truth you could say I am the being she wishes she could be; 5'6", brilliant red hair, and eyes as green as emeralds. It isn't just the physical attributes she dreams of. She's given me confidence as obvious as a mule is stubborn, the stubbornness of said mule, a sharp tongue and no bullshit attitude. With those hard attributes, she also graced me with softer things. Those I won't spill here publicly. You'll have to find those out on your own.