cat_4laugh Lets Sing! emotion_yatta

wake up int he morning, emotion_drool look up through the sky. exclaim
waiting for the summer to came and say goodbye. 4laugh
I walk and walk and walk, but I stop for a little while.
But when I stop like this,
I become a very lonely one.

I start walking alone and running in the rain, emotion_sweatdrop
Just because , you are not here, with me anymore. crying
I just sit in the corner when people start to leave. crying
Cause I the one that cannot make up my broken heart. crying

I found a little cheese, near the little stream. cheese_whine
But it look like to far away, I left it be. cry
And when I look through the wind, gaia_angelleft gaia_angelright
The cheese is melting. And I run to the stream
The cheese no where to be. ninja

When I start to think again, maybe I just don`t give a damn, gonk
And then I start to sleep again, I just clap my little hand.
I wake up from my bed and walk straight to fridge. yum_coldone
Thats when I realize that my heart been freeze like this ham. yum_burger
I cry again and my eyes so tired, crying
I sleep where I am. emotion_zzz

I wake up in the morning.
I look around and stand. ninja
That when I start to thinking
there no time to waste. surprised
I walking through the paddy field and start to make a smile.
Thats when I realizes that biggrin
This life is happiness. smile xd emotion_kirakira