This forum should probably just be named, "Video Game Economics and Politics", subtitled: "The Extended Discussion's b*****d Child And How It All Affects The Same 50 Video Games We Talk About Incessantly".

The amount in which I seriously don't care whether or not any of these companies get an increase in sales or goes under and all the people working there dies of starvation (like the exaggeration implies) is excruciatingly high. Yep, they're all going to just go on unemployment like everyone else; whoop-de-la-de-da. Let's remember to discuss how EA is worse than Bank of America and Monsanto combined and how they were the same driving force that caused the Great Depression and played the part in founding the Illuminati which funded the Christian Genocide.

Other than that, I'm fine. I could describe in detail how I'd like to fire a nail gun through my temple after being on this site, or I could tell you how a freeware Metroidvania game that practically no one knows about called GunGirl 2 has a better soundtrack than half of everything I've ever played... and it calms me down after reading through this crap on a daily basis.

You know, there's something I keep doing; insisting I'm going to "edit" something in here; this blog/journal-thing.

This is mainly video game related, but other media counts as well. I don't like editing these things after its been written 3+ months ago, but it appears to me that I simply do not put a "Part 1" so I could just continue in a new one. This bothers me.

There are a few reasons I don't talk about games or whatever media here:
1. I had a list of things here before. It obtained over 200 views. Why, because everyone was using Google to find out more about those things. I don't mind it being publicly available, what I don't want is it being listed in a Google search for people who are just looking for the game and don't want to read some dingbat's list. (You know, cause the s**t I find is so very obscure that you otherwise only get 10 search results by name alone?) This is why I insisted upon using Google Docs; the list won't be able to show up in a search engine. Of course, that has some unnecessary steps, but I like that. I hate things being private or set to "friends only"... I mean s**t, if I set it to "friends only", it might as well just be private, cause no one's going to see it anyway.

2. The gaming "community" makes me regret playing these things. If I went into, say, the Music forum, there will be something there that's interesting. What's interesting is that I've heard almost nothing about most of everything they talk about. This makes me avoid the forum, mainly because I'm simply not interested. What's good is that I've not heard of anything. They shoot these massive lists of things they like, and after looking through numerous things, I've still not heard of a lot of it. In the game forum, that goes up to around 20 of the same games for the same 10 series being shot out 90+ times. Everything they say is exactly the ******** same.

3. What's worse is that they keep ******** complaining about how s**t is "ruining the video game industry". I dare you to find a post in the Music forum or even the TV/Movie forum whining about the ******** economical woes of this god damn ******** s**t, talking like a ******** know-it-all every damn day about the legality of ROMs, the "shares" of Microsoft, the amount of sales the Wii U had; ******** asinine s**t that I play games in order to not ******** hear 24/7.

I cannot stand these people. I'd be more enthralled to talk about this like I used to if it weren't for them, talking with their ******** business jargon everyday, all because they feel so smart that they can calculate that it would take 100 enemy kills at 60 exp each to get from level 15 to 16 and that they can figure out that equipping different swords gives them attack bonus numbers they can look at. That's about the only numbers you probably know how to figure out there, pal.

The Music forum talks about music, the Movie forum talks about movies, the Video Game forum talks about business practices and how used media is destroying the economy...

Of the killed incentives, the lack of a reason to live when my internet brethren are idiots, one thing can be said for certain, this post is more like Part 7 in the on-going asinine bullshit that is the Video Game Community. Is it the same complaint as last time? Of course, but it gets added in one of the only edits I've done.