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ChevelleRose's Randomness Journal
This is a journal of memories and stuff I think is cool. :)
Holy Frigging Frig(sprained something)
Ok so I hopefully just sprained my middle finger and not broken or twisted it. I hate hospitals and I don't find the thought of them twisting my finger around very pleasant. Its not turning purple or completely messed up looking.Kinda looks like when I played bloody knuckles with someone. ^^;

Sorry typing this is kinda slow because I'm using 1 hand. The finger hurts alot if I move it too much so I think its sprained. And when I look at it too much I get sick... -_-

I should probably mention why this happened and how my morning was 'ruined'.

It was a cool(temp) morning so I thought I'd go out and enjoy it before it got too hot outside but its been raining so yeah...

Anyways, I brought my laptop with me and was listening to music while thinking about stuff to attempt writing.

Next thing I know is I see Banchee jogging out from her dog spot(her area of the yard) and was heading for the little kitten but changed her mind when Barney came out and when I ran up there.

I had almost dropped my laptop when I threw/placed it aside(I had this very thought a few fays ago so my mind reminded me just in time because I don't want either my laptop or animals getting hurt).

So I run up there and she turns to me just enough for me to grab her collar then Barney(that little s**t)starts running around us in circles while barking at us.

Which makes her want to get him but I'm there so she was a bit nicer about it. That is till ANOTHER dog gets loose and runs straight for us.

At this point I'm freaking out more and screaming for my dad and I heard him coming but I didn't see him since we were all in the middle of the yard and behind the truck.

So here is the rundown of those crazy moments: I had to keep turning around while holding Banchee's collar, holding Roxy back by kicking at her and yelling for my dad, and trying to make sure Barney doesn't try to get caught up in it.

I think Roxy's rope broke and thats why she got loose(why'd I use rope you ask well I had to because the chain broke)but I'm not sure why she ran to us. I sure hope she wasn't thinking she was helping.lol
But maybe she thought I was in trouble(she was watching most likely).

As for Banchee her clip popped off her rope somehow..

Oh yeah, so my dad did get out there and he grabbed Roxy then Banchee and thats when I noticed something was wrong with my hand, I didn't know what yet just that it f-ing hurt.

My dad told me to put up Roxy but I wanted to put up Banchee. On the way over to her place I started huffing because every time I moved my hand it hurt.

When I got her clip back on the chain I ran to the house and tried putting it under cold water like my mom was saying then I got in icepack but that whole time I was near-screaming how it hurt and how I didn't want to go to a hospital.

She actually got mad at me and yelled and called me stupid(getting in a b***h fit of hers)then my dad came in and told her to stop but I already walked away.

Let me assure you that she WAS NOT being concerned for my safety and she also called me a stupid damn idiot among other things but I walked away as I said.

I ended up just laying in my room till my dad came in saying they were leaving to buy some chains and get something to eat.

I fell asleep rubbing/resting my hand on a icepack and I woke up when they came home. For a bit I my hand didn't hurt(like I was forgetting the pain)till I moved it some more then it was like 'hello I am a sprained finger that feels like it was dislocated(hope not though).

That brings us to now which means I am left very surprised that I typed this with one hand and didn't get bored(yay me!), my finger hurts like heck and the mere thought of cracking my knuckles like I usual;y do makes me laugh, and I have Chinese food/with sweat tea.^^

So theres that.

Note: I don't want anyone touching my hand and talking this out sorta helped. I love ranting apparently more than I thought. Hopefully this might get better later...

Oh and after all this stuff that happened my little kitten to it upon herself to look after my feet. And by look after I mean bite my toes and trying to hold on with her claws. I was walking back outside to get my laptop and she followed me. Then when I walked into my room I seen Prowler(one of my black cats)sitting on top of my other computer like some statue.lol
He pretty much meowed decided now was to moment to be an attention hog and meowed cute-ly to get his way.I thought I'd let him lay on the bed with me but when he climbed across my room he stepped on my laptop and it fell. He either ran away because that was scary or because my yelling was 'scary'. I had seen this happen but couldn't reach it in time. My laptop is ok though. It just slid/fell onto my floor which is carpeted.

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