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Are you trying to figure me out, princess?~* Or.. -leans towards- do you wish for me to write about you? ♡ ;)
Man with a Plan

I found this on May 22.
I thought it was interesting.

"Don't let his outward cool, calm and collected persona deceive you, because inside he's mapping out his next move like any great military strategist would."

-casually wears glasses-
...Hmp. I like the sound of that. <- mostly because it's true

-chuckles as he takes them off- How true.

But to be serious about this for a moment, ladies and gentlemen~!

I love my plans.

My mun and I have something in common. When I see a goal, from point A to point B, from then on, I only see point B. I don't see any mistakes, I don't have a backup plan yet, and I'm really determined.

I once read a fan, a Youtube comment, say that my plans were ridiculous? That...something like this, if it happened in real life, things would get in the way, postpone the plan, and lengthen the original duration? -swipes at his bangs, lightly smirking- I guess you don't know me then.

My mother once told me it's my bad habit to be "narrow-minded" and not be prepared (Kyoya's explanation of her advice: she's suggesting I should be more prepared/aware) and I'm saying this for "canon" purposes because she told me I have the same problem as an Aries male we're close friends with. But I do prepare. That's why there are plans. I don't "wing it" |8o Goals are different. I'm a little too determined, but at least nothing can hurt me. Try and try again, hm? I'm still a realistic and reasonable person. I can loosen. Why not? Like Kyoya says, and I'm not supposed to know so my mun will say it, [I get too passionate over a game.] Ha ha. My mun can actually be completely uninterested/apathetic and unmotivated so I think it is a good thing whenever I find something I'm interested in, where I'm limitlessly self-motivated, because nothing can stop me.

[My mother had asked me, if we were commoners, if I had to drive from somewhere to home and a road was blocked, what would I do? Go another way. What would I do if that was blocked? Same thing. She then informed me while I'm doing that, if it had happened to her, from the very start, she had it planned out so she would have been home sooner than me, who's thinking of ways, with instant routes in her head and can start moving. -shrugs- All I can say is I'm working on it, but here you go, canon without trying ;D]

Motorcycle? Five star restaurant? Burger and fries? -points a fry at the website- Yeah, completely. My mun's parents and I have visited European restaurants. He only rode a motorcycle once in his life. He was a kid, age: 6-10, and everyone had left for the same restaurant so the cars were taken. He and his uncle used the motorcycle. Some day, I'm trying it again! It's another experience because it will be different so it counts!!

(correction: he was 8, ha ha, and it was his father. It was pretty fun even though he was passively cruising as the passenger...Aaah, This is making me want to go out and buy a motorcycle!! I already have a ~¥900,000 Segway and a helicopter. I have a limo...I don't know what I would use a motorcycle...And I'd need a license...WHY IS THIS SO COMPLICATED ALL OF A SUDDEN? smilies/icon_gonk.gif)

Of course!
Commitment, fun, and manners are important.
See, how I chose a good daughter? (^O^)/

"Romance is second nature to Aries...how important you are to him."

...Miss me?

Well, it's always good to be back from studying. As much as I enjoy history, my princess, I adore our past, current, and future history more~ -points up- Now, about the chase, if anyone's wondering, it doesn't work if I'm not interested.-folds his arms thoughtfully- I flirt but I flirt with everyone, [even friends because it's fun. I've flirted with Kyoya's mun and gave Ranka-san's mun a one-liner, though the latter didn't react at all, because he's a grown man who dislikes me, and the former is for fun. I have teased my friends asking if they're jealous and they said no and rudely reject me LMAO and I see it coming because we're friends* I once got cousin-zoned because a friend said "I'm too girly" like her cousin - the conversation happened while I was afk and oblivious. Insulting me while I'm away, nice etiquette xD]

I never elaborated earlier. But yes. -smirks- I have plans.

I found this cool too. Best "war" in the world? Who can care more!

-clicks "bad sides"-...
...You know, this is not fun now. I'm not trying to be me for those.
Why does it match anyway? Is it because it's a parallel effect to determination?

Oi, oi, that's rude. I have a direction in life.
We don't start off with knowing it. You can't blame me.

Heh. Are you insulting me now? I have great leadership. My self-esteem is still safe.

Seriously, though, that is wrong. I can be too focused but that doesn't mean I can't stop. Just put a hand on my shoulder, calm me down, and I'll stop talking. Kyoya's tried it -shrugs- It's not difficult. I'm not impossible to talk to, you know. I communicate well in meetings.

Hmm. Unreasonable huh? Not really. Outside of the perfectionism, I'm calm. Like how I'm talking right now, a normal man. If I can trust you and leave you alone to do what you should know how to do, I can sometimes aid you, like if you can't find part of your costume in the storage room (finding a piece of clothing for Kyoya in Dream Avatar after he couldn't; I helped smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif), and we'll be fine. -sheepishly rubs the back of his head, feeling sorry- I would be kind and teach you the basics or something, but I'm usually harsh around my friends.

It was one or the other. I can't treat you like a child, treat like you are weak, treat like you're not capable of doing something or handling things by yourself, or patronize you. You are a grown man and I respect you too much to take control and do everything for you, even though I'm Daddy, I love you, and I want to help and/or protect you. I would be offending or embarrassing you too terribly. I just feel that it's awkward. I would help my senpais, yes, but vaguely. Any more and people would wonder about their abilities. It has to be mild things. It can be more than handing them a towel but it can't be as extensive as tutoring them in a subject they're not so exceptional at, which isn't correct because everyone is ranked 1st/2nd of their class except for the Hitachiin brothers (Haruhi's first and a few people then the twins. Before you feel dissuaded, FINE, here, I'll ADVERTISE you (</3 less love for me) so your fangirls (...) won't feel sad, Hikaru and Kaoru are not that interested in academics)

Hikaru and Kaoru would be angry at me for thinking they can't handle something themselves. They're kids, they're my kohais, and they have their pride as much as any other man. They will "show me" I'm wrong. They'll even say they'll show me. "Oh, okay 8o" ...For the senpais...they're self-reliant -waves hand- it's fine. For Kyoya, I didn't bother. ...All right, I did. I apologised to him, saying I really wanted to help him, because I would do that for my best friend, but I couldn't feel the desire or motivation to help him whatsoever. I felt so bad. Something greatly inhibited me and I didn't know why. I had to tell him. So sorry, I'd like to, but I can't and you can accomplish it by yourself. He appreciated my acknowledging his abilities. But of course! : )

I gave Haruhi a few items and Kaoru too, but, for the latter, it felt awkward. I didn't figure out why in the past until I thought about it a few seconds ago. Guys asking for my help, that's completely fine. I can offer my palm and do a good job. Guys being vulnerable? It feels uncomfortable. I'm an Aries and I hate vulnerability; I'm personally strong/brave as well, even though I'm your emotional King where I cry when I'm happy, sad, and injured. That doesn't make me weak though. That doesn't make you think I can't handle anything. -slowly runs his hand through his hair- So when a male friend needed items, needed gold, needed step-by-step process on something, needed anything really, more than a small list, I tried swallowing the discomfort before easily helping. I was happy to help.

(Though it made me question reliability, as it would if he were Kyoya. I left him alone thinking he knew what to do, I really trusted him and went on with my schedule, and he didn't know what to do, so I had trouble leaving him alone from then on. I never mean to neglect my family like this. smilies/icon_crying.gif)

[-facepalm-] I'm really not used to it. I'm sorry. You're all so canonly capable. I never thought I would have this problem! ...If we were canon, we wouldn'tttt smilies/icon_gonk.gif

-gasps- I do everything except #13!! 8OO (found on May 12)

[I can see the beauty in simple things emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif
Yes, I can laugh at myself! I can be clumsy, I can be awkward (embrace it, you can make fun of yourself; it's fun!), I can be very silly, and everyone has fun watching me being carefree. HA HA 8D ~ ! ...Ha ha ha, that sounded too loud xD;; I'll laugh at anything as long as it's not vulgar, idiotic, or disgusting, and as long as I'm not hurt or offended* LOL "wallow in self pity" that sounds so pitiful and there's no actual person -waves hands around in the air in front of him- I can sulk but overall, I never live in the past. You can see I bring things up or I don't forget something but it must be amusing or annoying or I wouldn't forget. I'll only sulk and stay that because I'm empathetic, like once with Kyoya. He told me I was being counter-productive and told me to forget about it.



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