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Reiko's Log
Things about my life and my Role Playing life, nothing much here.
Beastman Style
Way of the Beast.
Feral, Savage, Unpredictable

Style History:

Rules for Style:
• Beastmen only.
• Physical Strength is required for

Style Strengths:
• Makes up for loss of magic with sheer force.
• Unothodox methods
• Provides much more than just attacks

Style Weaknesses:
• [ Minimum of 3 ]

Techniques List:

Stage One
xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Lunge
xxxxxxC ▪ Physical Method ▪ 20
xxxxxx▪ The most basic technique within the style of raging beasts and other creatures in the shape of both man and beast. All predators know how to hunt and their primal instincts show for it even down to the most basic approach. With a single hand or foot, the beastman will lunge out at a target with quick speed to typically strike with the claws on their fingers or anything else used to damage a foe. While basic, it's primal nature will almost overwhelm and trample conventional means of combat with humans and elves as quite a bit of power behind the single blow, be it a swipe, jab, etc.

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Stalk
xxxxxxE ▪ Physical Method ▪ 5 Per Turn
xxxxxx▪ *Must state somewhere in OOC that you're "Stalking"* The humans think the beasts to all be mindless and savage, to rid their thought for only violence and strength. Many of which are wrong, for this skill is one that derives from the instinctive nature of the beastman's primal half. They are able to move like they were stalking an animal out in the wilderness, hunched down low and creep toward a target with barely a sound to be made. Whilst the beastman obviously wouldn't be as quick as an assassin or hide in the shadows, their steps are softened still and can catch most unaware.

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Pounce
xxxxxxD ▪ Physical Method ▪ 10
xxxxxx▪ *Can be used free of cost when stalking!* Now how do lions manage to take down animals twice their size? Cheetahs to Antelope or Lions to Buffalo? Ambush, or in an animal's term pouncing. Typically used while stalking, the beastman will suddenly spring out of their hiding spot or from while they're stalking to attack. By using claws or raw strength with their hands grasp and tackle the victim into the ground. This is generally a pinning maneuver which can easily be followed up by Gnaw or Lunge, doubling the power of the skills if used immediately after this.

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Gnaw
xxxxxxC36 ▪ Physical Method ▪ 20

Stage Two
xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Matter over Mind
xxxxxxLEVEL HERE ▪ Physical Method ▪ COST HERE

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Scaling Beast
xxxxxxE ▪ Physical Method ▪ 5
xxxxxx▪ One of the more simpler0 techniques of the style but probably one of the most useful as well for it allows the beast to gain access to new areas. By finding any rugged surface or any wall that is not made of a completely indestructible surface the beast can cling to and be able to scale the surface. It should be noted that one's strength should at least be [30] before 7

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ War Cry
xxxxxxLEVEL HERE ▪ Physical Method ▪ COST HERE

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Feel No Pain
xxxxxxLEVEL HERE ▪ Physical Method ▪ COST HERE

Stage Three
xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Adrenaline: Fight
xxxxxxB ▪ Physical Method ▪ 40
xxxxxx▪ The brain's natural instinct of 'fight or flight.' Through this, the brain has chosen 'Fight' over flight, choosing to ravage whatever is threatening the user. Sacrificing the will to flee and fueling the body with the oh-so-addicting adrenaline high, they are more than capable of winning by sheer force alone should they face a mage or an assassin. For [3] Posts the blood of the beast pumps faster and the invigorating fluids allow them to push beyond their normal limits and achieve what would not normally be possible. Their strength is emulated to be about 100% higher than normal along with their physical defense, allowing them to shrug off blows by ignoring much of the pain that follows suit. After this short fit of rage and blood pumping adrenaline, the user is fatigued for [3] posts by having their own stats cut in half .

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Adrenaline: Flight
xxxxxxB ▪ Physical Method ▪ 40

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ ANSWER HERE
xxxxxxLEVEL HERE ▪ Physical Method ▪ COST HERE

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ ANSWER HERE
xxxxxxLEVEL HERE ▪ Physical Method ▪ COST HERE

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