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ChevelleRose's Randomness Journal
This is a journal of memories and stuff I think is cool. :)
Woo!! July 1st~!
I get to go out to eat today and man am I hungry.

I didn't have anything to do yesterday since it was Friday and I had woken up early then my parents went somewhere(family is coming over idk if i mentioned it here)and when they came back my mom was in a b-wordy mood so I left the living room where I fell asleep. I also didn't eat yesterday except for some pizza rolls at like 12 at night.

Oh and my niece and nephews came over early so there was another reason for my mom's pissy mood and she decided that arguing with me and yelling at me would make her feel better but aparently she isn't in a better mood because a few mins ago she did it again.

She dared to call me a liar and said how I had to be up early or I wouldn't get to go.

Man nobody is stopping me from going to Golden Coral.

After what she put me through yesterday I AM getting something to eat.

I usually only get one plate of food and even then its not that big(this year seems to have shrunken my stomach and I don't eat alot) and I get some icecream(sometimes a cookie or cotton candy).

Ok so anyways that got a wee bit off track but I had to vent..

Oh and I dyed my hair to a more natural bright red.

I put it over my left over bright red dye that was still there and it looks pretty good.

It looks dark right now but I'm sure it'll look brighter in the sun. It shined a bit in the lamp light so theres that.

Ah I remember talking about this now...

I was about to mention that tomorrow I was going to the movies but I already said that.

So yeah after the movies we might be getting pizza.

Arrg my niece is sharing my room with me and while I don't mind I also don't like being pushed off of my own bed.

I've been talking to charlie all night too on facebook and I haven't slept. But I did for a tiny bit.

I'm just not tired...

Yay for insomnia!! woo

Note: I watched Shrek 1 with my niece earlier and that part with Mr.Good is so weird but I like it? Idk lol

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