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The Inner Workings of Onesself
Lots of randomness & meaningful stuff about moi, the one & only Kari-chan.
This helps as well and is a warning to all women
Listen up ladies, (& gentlemen who have friends/relatives or knows a female of childbearing age), this is very serious. In light of what I learned very early yesterday morning I will no longer remain silent about the way I was treated in my previous relationship with the person some of you call an acquaintance or friend since he has the audacity to smear my name on Facebook (this was originally posted on FB) with outright lies that any of you should know doesn't represent my personality in the slightest.

Even those people I am not friends with anymore & may not think highly of me anymore know that I wouldn't stoop to stealing from someone and do not break promises I make!

I'm warning ALL of you the next girl who ends up with him has a high probability of ending up DEAD like Laci Peterson if she refuses to play slave for him!

Go on over to Henry Barhite's profile now & look at the commentary under the post about watching a kid in a crib. His reply to that young lady is complete crap and lies about me, it is completely made up and false!

He is delusional, a complete HYPOCRITE, and out of touch with reality as stated and observed by a licensed therapist! I never lied about paying for the Kia Rio I drove. I opened an account at Huntington bank & deposited money into it for that car until September & I lost my highest paying job in October.

Infact he told me in August to stop paying for it, not to worry about it bc he'd handle the payments of everything, & to put the money in this account for retirement!

So the only months I didn't put money into it was definitely Sept.-Jan. We broke up briefly at the beginning of February after he called the police on me for trying to take my property to my mothers house so why the hell would I pay on a car he called the police to make sure would be taken away from me. When we got back together I once again paid for it.

He's a conniving controlling a*****e that has to have everything his way and will manipulate you and do anything else to make sure he gets his way.

He told me he was in the army when we first got together, later told me he lied and he didn't really serve that it's complicated. How complicated is a yes or no question of were you in the army? He lied & didn't tell me he was married when we first met. He constantly continues to lie. Claims Carol Zielinski and Pearl Gambrell are my frenemies that tried to break us up. Accused me of cheating with Charles Edward Mims Jr., told me his father died in prison when the man lives, the list of lies go on and on!

He then claims I'm mad at him for no reason....I have many reasons to be angry. Constantly putting me down, emotionally & verbally abusing me, doing anything to make me feel worthless and become utterly dependent on him so I couldn't leave the relationship. He threatened to take the car away if I didn't come home & have sex with him January 18th this year I HAVE IT IN MY PHONE IF ANYONE NEEDS PROOF! He told Pearl to call the police and report my car stolen when I went to get my hair done that same night I read the text with my own eyes!

He told his friends and family members I cheated on him, I have some of those Facebook chat messages as well if anyone needs solid proof. He even raped me twice at the beginning of February right before that break up and that people is when I got pregnant confirmed by the ultrasound technician!

So tell me I have no right to be mad, he did absolutely no wrong in this relationship!?

I've been horribly misused & mistreated during our 1 year 7 month relationship and will not tolerate his bullshit any longer! I never used him for money, food or a place to stay. I had my own apartment, Pearl was living there, and he told & pleaded with me to kick her out bc she was having a tough time with money as well. He kept saying we were all going to move in together then he began excluding her from those plans when we went looking at houses. I was highly upset by this and did not approve in the least!

He suggests I returned my engagement ring with no diamonds in it! I did not remove any diamonds from my engagement ring! When I dropped the car off at his uncles house I placed the ring fully intact, as it was given to me, & the car key into the ashtray & that was the last I saw it!

He didn't switch careers, (he claimed to some girl who commented on his post he switched careers & I was mad he had to move to his moms bc of that), he got kicked out of UT(The University of Toledo) for violating (ethics) rules & using a girl he admitted to his friend Walter Ryley he cheated on me with, to get a professor & his department head in trouble! Ask to see his PhD diploma if you don't believe me I assure you UT does NOT consider him a graduate of the economics PhD program!

And if anyone knows Madisen Stachowiak as well (this is the gf of the bar friend from the previous journal entry btw) he made rude remarks to her for no reason, thought it was funny, & when she didn't & said she hoped I left him he stooped low enough to say he HOPED HER YOUNG SON DIED! Then told her now fiancée Zak(bar friend) to tell the child he was sorry, but not her (at least that's what he told me he told each of them. Who knows with him LIES ROLL OFF HIS TOUNGUE LIKE WATER OFF A WATERFALL)!

Who the ******** with a sane mind does s**t like that & then acts like they're completely obsessed with having kids?! A mentally ******** unstable person that needs to be locked up in a mental hospital somewhere that's who!

Ladies in Toledo, Ohio, Ann Arbor & upper Michigan you've been warned! For your own safety just run in the other direction when you see him! There are plenty of more deserving men you can have children, a farm if you'd like, & be happy with! DO NOT LET HIM DESTROY YOUR LIFE LIKE HE'S DONE MINES!

I've paid Feb-May this year as well he took the money out of that account after we were broken up (15th) & I gave the car back May 10th! So Henry Myers is a lying piece of s**t when he says I lied & said I'd pay for the car and have not! I have bank statements what does he have? NOTHING BUT LIES!

That is the truth and I will take a polygraph test any day any time to prove it!

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    Sun Jun 02, 2013 @ 02:12am

    This is a picture so you know the culprits face

    Caption under pic on Photobucket:

    "My ex-fiancée, Henry Myers at first seems sweet, charming, & caring.... everything a girl would want. WRONG! I learned the hard way, start dating him & things change, all hell breaks loose. He belittles, insults & demeans you sometimes in front of other people & is a pathological liar! He raped me twice, continues to deny it ever happened when I clearly told him 'no' several times, & has the nerve to outright lie saying I stole the diamonds out of my engagement ring! This is completely false the ring was returned to him exactly as it was given to me! If you live in the suburban outskirts of Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor or Toledo, Ohio area run the other way when you see him because if you get involved you just might end up like Laci Peterson no joke! He became very mentally unstable while we were together, has shoved me once, & that was worse than when he was with his ex-wife! Yes he's been married once already & it didn't magically all fail because of her alone he played a role he refuses to tell! It probably won't take much more for shoving to become outright hitting! Please heed my warnings do not believe his 'I am a French prince' line you can do so much better your life is worth so much more!"

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