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like a diary but not really
I like to think I tried my best
Bad dreams, bad dreams..
Tuesday, May 28

I took a ride in a small plane (it was small, but still large enough that it had two from seats and a whole back seat) with some guy.. I am unsure why I got in. And anyways, we were speeding through the city, dodging buildings. And I was scared. Because, dude, it was dangerous. We ended crashing, but everyone was fine.

Then I found myself waiting in line with someone to a ride. The same thing I just crashed in with that guy. We were holding two balloons each, I had to light blue ones, while my friend has a red and a light blue. We were also looking for someone.. we couldn't find him. I thought I saw him from a distance, but that dot wasn't moving, and I keep believing it was them, even after my friend told me it wasn't him. Then it was our turn on the ride. The person who drives the plane-ride was distracted. And my friend started the machine up on its own. We crashed. We jumped out and no one was hurt. Balloons were gone. And one was got to go on the ride anymore. I just kept looking back at that dot after that.

Wednesday, May 29

I was in a luminescent library, the colors brown and silver showed, along side others. At the beginning, I kept telling myself it was just a dream.. but I still wasn't able to change my surroundings. And maybe I didn't believe myself.. because, I was scared. While exploring, I found myself in an anime shop. Or quite possibly a convention. There were a lot of people and a lot of things. But I didn't have money, so I couldn't buy anything.

Thursday, May 30

Its a bit fuzzy at the beginning, but.. there was a argument between a family and some boy.. and I ended up escaping with him. We escaped across the sea and into another place. Where we are able to look any way we feel -- It was like a whole new city with a set of new rules.. but they weren't good rules. It was fun at first, with only a few people here and there, but it progressed into something more.. and people were duplicated and everyone seemed to be going crazy.

I never met that boy again, but I found two new friends. I didn't know much about them, but I liked them enough to care.. sadly, they didn't stay long. One of them died.. it was very horrific. Cars, skates, blood.. I can't even say it. Actually, my mind set created two alternate endings.. were, each of them died in both. I wasn't there for the second time, but it was just as messed up.


Ok, I didn't word that last dream right..

So I hung out with these two people, both boys, and I am unsure of what our relationship was. And there were these bullies who picked on them and one of the bullies challenged, or taunted, both of the boys, but the oldest one especially. Stuff happened, and I really don't want to say the cause of death, but one of the boy died.. and the other boy and I were really mad. Then, all of the sudden, my dream transports me back to the moments of the challenge (before his death). Things ended up different though.. the who who should have died, survived, and the other boy disappears (but was most likely dead as well). This time, we were sad.

That's it. That's the dream. I will try to keep my dreams on separate entries next time.

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