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Death's Journal<Avatar Profiles, Thoughts and Random Things
Name: Darla Harkness
Age: (in the current storyline 20)
Race: Vampire
Forms: White bat, white wolf
Hair: Light Blonde/Platinum
Eyes: Blue
Birthday: February 20
Traits: Tough skinned (through experiences), doesn't like cute things, trustworthy, loyal, can be insatiable (usually to distract herself), Perceptive
Last updated: 7/3/2013

At age six, her parents were killed right in front of her by an assassin. Ever since then, she has thought of nothing but killing all those responsible for her parents death. She is sent to live with a woman known as "Lotus", and through her she ends up finding out that her parents were both assassins and were killed because they were planning on quitting their occupation, and since they knew too much information, their boss Kenji Kurosawa, had them killed. With the help of Lotus she is able to get vital information on the organization (Deadpool Initiative), and is able to be flown into Japan for some training by other disgruntled assassins, in order to work towards her goal of killing Kenji. At age 11 She had been in Japan for three years now, and her sensei thinks she will complete her training in two years since she is outperforming her peers.

Two years later, as predicted, Darla completes her training as an assassin for Deadpool Initiative, but before she plans out her revenge killing, she flies back to the US to say a final goodbye to her parents at their resting place. As a fledgling assassin, she is forbidden from visiting them again, for assassin aren't supposed to show feelings, and it is best to cut emotional ties.

Once Darla returns back to Japan, she completes several jobs internationally, which stalls her plans for Kenji for a year. She also receives a list of assassins from Lotus, who were connected to her parent's murder, and she finds covert ways of killing them (ways that are untraceable and can't lead back to her). Luckily she is so good at her job and she gets promoted, and a meeting with the Head of Deadpool Initiative. Finally, she has private time for Kenji. She request the meeting be in a secluded place, and it is granted. She takes her time with him, killing him the same way her parents were all those years ago, except she ensures it is slower and painful.

After this action, several of Kenji's lackeys are after her while some support her actions, for Kenji had a fair amount of enemies inside the organization. This splits the organization temporarily, until Lotus and a group of assassins end the civil war by killing the remaining assassins who were loyal to Kenji. This means Darla is now safe and no longer on the hitlist. On the contrary, at the age of 15 she is promoted to Head Assassin and earns the nickname Scorpion, after one of her methods and her most skillful way of killing . However, since her revenge is complete, she feels empty and is feeling guilty about all the murders she has committed.

Several days after the promotion, she goes to her apartment to find Lotus' head. She is devastated again. This was her comrade who helped her in her quest. She is not sure if she could handle another revenge quest at the moment. She continues working, but feels nothing. One day after completing a job a mysterious handsome young man appears at her apartment. He introduces himself as Acheron and reveals that he is her older half brother. He also works for Deadpool Initiative and is head of the Organized Crime part of the company. He cancels her jobs to let her have sometime to herself for awhile.

After a week of taking a break, she checks Acheron's background and has some reason to suspect him (not only because of his line of work) but somethings she has found out about his past such as identity thefts. She starts honing on her already advanced fighting skills and watching and following him. Her instinct tells her she is doing the right thing, and her instinct is spot on. The only reason she didn't check on Acheron earlier was because she was overwhelmed by Lotus' death.

After taking two other weeks off to improve her skills, she returns back to work, only to find out that Liel (a lackey of Acheron's) has taken over the company from Kenji's successor and given Acheron the position. Acheron doesn't seem to want the job, and talks to Liel into giving Darla her job back. However, unbeknownst to Darla, Liel has here posing as more of a figurehead (which Darla senses).

A year passes, with not much changing until Darla finds a shocking discovery. Acheron is the true brains behind the failing (and murder) of Kenji's successors and that Liel, too is a figurehead as well. She confronts him about his claims of being her half brother and the truth she found out. He admits to the truth and that he isn't her half brother, but Liel is. Her instinct tells her that he is actually telling the truth, so she believes him. However, he confesses that he loves her as well, which she doesn't fully believe. Out of rage for being lied to, and not being told about his half sister, Liel stabs Acheron in his abdomen, killing him. This creates a dilemma for Deadpool Initiative, as Acheron never left a successor.

Another year passes before all the heads of the different sectors vote that Deadpool Initiative's Main heads should be both Liel and Darla. However, a struggle within the organition by corrupt workers causes the reinstatement of Darla and her brother Liel as Main Heads of Deadpool Initiative to be pushed back another year.

Everything works smoothly for another year, with powers being balanced between the siblings until one day she goes to work to find Liel's headless body in a meeting room. She has no idea what to do, but she just barely functions at her job. Luckily a decision is reached within a couples months that Darla is the sole Head until they find someone to take Liel's place.

A month later she is able to trace Liel's death to Acheron, whom everyone thought was dead. So she sets out on yet another personal vendetta killing.

(To read the continuation of Darla's story..see the story update.)

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