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weird times in life
Hey its gigi:heart: here. I would like to you to read all of this entry so listen up ppl. smilies/wahmbulance.gif this could get crazy. ok so i was walking into virtual Hollywood when i saw all theese people looking like smilies/icon_ninja.gif. i was very shocked about this so i made a face:shock:. then rigth there a girl starting crying. i was like waz up with that? smilies/icon_question.gif so i left VH and whent to the beach place. and evryone was a mermaid. i though it was match up day but still i was cofused. smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif so i just look notes and asked questions and they started kicking me! i was like smilies/icon_scream.gifsmilies/icon_gonk.gif so i run away and thats that.
bye ill see u soon,