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There's a Fine Line Between Genius & Insanity
My stupid ramblings and inane thoughts. :)
Oh, balls.
My life has seriously been a mess of double shifts, swing shifts, no days off, and nothing but depressing dreams. But on the up side I am officially a single lady again. Thank goodness. It's been a little hard to get used to being back to single... you know. The idea that even though boyfriend never came over and made me soup when I was sick I could still pretend that he would before... but not now. Now I'm just sick and I have to shuffle around and get my own damn soup.

But it was my doing because I just felt like all the special s**t just kind of died away and left the crappy muddled s**t. So it was like. No. So yeah. Now, since I have successfully broken just about every relationship and friendship I have here due to depression and withdrawling myself from everyone, I have nothing tying me down here and I want to travel. I decided that as soon as I hit three grand in my bank account (After ticket purchase and luggage fees of course) that I am moving to Ireland for a while with one of my best friends who has been aching to go for just about as long as I have.

E x c i t e m e n t !

Well. Just thought I would get on long enough to give you a small update on my terrible mess of a life.
Lisha out.

A f t e r F X
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