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Fox and Bird
A pretty creek flows by
a pretty fence of wooden
gloss and age.

A broken bird flaps
its broken wings out by
the glossy fence.

Flap flap go the
clipped wings and
flit flit go the feathers.

A fluffy fox bumbles by,
a fluffy tail trailing behind
he then asks,

"Broken Bird why
do you flap and flit?"

The bird tears and chirps.
Drip drop cheep cheep,
"I want to be normal, Fluffy Fox,
so I flap flit and cheep cheep."

"But Broken Bird
your broken wings cannot
be mended."

Cheep cheep,
"But Fluffy Fox,
I don't want to displease
those around me!
I must be what I
am anticipated to be
and I must do what
is expected of me.
So I must fly, cheep,
I must be normal
and not be me,
which is broken."

"But Broken Bird,
you cannot help
how and who you are
it is what makes you
unique and sets
you apart from those
that cannot be as
special as you are."

The flailing bird on
the flailing shrubbery
begins to drip drop.

Drip drop,
"Oh, Fluffy Fox,
no one has told me that
But, Fluffy Fox,
what of everyone else?
I must do what I must
to make them happy."

"Oh, Broken Bird, if
they cannot like you
for how you are
now then they
are missing out
on such a special birdie."

"Fluffy Fox, you are
so kind to me
why is that?"

"I only wish for you
to be happy in
right now."

(End childish ending.)

A pretty creek with
pretty feathers strewn
(True ending.)
across the water.