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alexanders reformed existance
i was once empty but now i live in grace thanks to christ Yeshua, no more pain no more hatred no more tears. may the lord bless you and keep you all
so after so many years of gaiaonline I've given away all my fancy stuff to bear witness to my fellow gaians as to the truth of Yeshua Hamashiach our true salvation and the key to eternal life given by the creator. you see i used to be a very warped person and it wasn't untill i read my old journal that I found out how bad it really was. my mother was a saint to love me through all that as my father in heaven did also. I love my god so much, it was when in my pagan studies that i came upon the illuminist teachings of the highest degree of masons. before this teaching i was outside of faith and saw many things like "shadow people which are daemons manifest. translucent and dark like a living shadow they walk about feeding on negative energy , these can only be seen by one in the depths of depravity, but when i evolved to hermeticism i learned to call upon jesus because of the dual nature of the system it is pagan but incorporates jewish mysticism as well as demon control curses ect so its like all religions in one but its lukewarm in righteousness and will only pull down those not already involved in the dark arts, but learning to call on jesus i meditated on finding him and heaven and when i did i found the archangel michael in heaven and he said simply "i am watching you" but words were not exchanged it was an instantaneous understanding at that point i awoke from my meditative state and carried on as usual but now i had faith, the key to salvation. at bonnaroo 2010 a tragedy struck still practicing pagan arts with the intent purification (as if I were the one with power which is an offense to the god that tells us "lean not onto your own understanding") I died for 3 hours of an overdose I drank a fifth of liquor and took a lot of dangerous drugs, i felt myself slipping away, dying and then i saw the horizon break open at the seam and I saw a huge fractal checkerboard behind the horizon and it consumed my perception i instantly understood it to be something of a blueprint of reality then I simultaneously perceived as if I existed in two places at once being looked at by someone perhaps it was Yeshua, it was a man with a white beard and hair like santa but with a white robe. and he hid his face from me and i at the same time saw my place in the fractal blueprint fall down and simultaneously I felt myself drop out of all existence into a dark and empty pit it felt like a place of no goodness, no hope, and infinite fear, the anguish i felt cannot be matched by this world it was ungodly and miserable. it was hell and I knew I didn't belong there but what i experienced was only a taste although it felt like an eternity when I fell through into the pit I could see a light like a ball but it wasnt a ball it was a passageway back home I prayed and prayed to the lord never-ceasing to move my tongue as I was in the pit begging for forgiveness begging for another chance giving all reverence to the lord in spite of my suffering, see I knew I must have hurt him so to have ended up there and I see now that i wasnt fully there but was only being shown what I would face if I did not right myself to the will of the lord. god pulled me from the pit and back into my body, I was severely traumatized by what I had seen but it had purified my heart from evil and I worshiped and worshiped and gave thanks to the lord, but healing from this took time I was stunned at my life I threw away every idolatrous thing I had and focused only on the scripture and the christ king Yeshua this was the path to healing I needed god had the grace to not only teach me what I was doing but also to reveal heaven, and hell to me so I could know the truth. being so injured I couldn't emote right and I was really drifting around not knowing what was going on for sure as my paradigm was completely shattered so I meditated in prayer to go back to heaven the way I had before but minus the pagan element and it worked and I saw gabriel and I asked him what I needed to do to be right again and he told me "be patient and have faith in christ" so now I am here and after being baptized into the lord I have set out to use all of my intelligence and wisdom, god given, to prove undeniably and irrefutably that Yeshua is lord and savior, this is my personal experience and the main source of my faith but blessed are those who believe without seeing because seeing hurts but faith is fertile ground for the blessings of god. if you have questions I have answers so ask what you will and i will petition Yeshuas kingdom for the truth. im not special, just a normal guy. im not the only one to see these things in the world many who have come to faith have done so because of some experience or another with gods kingdom, but I can give you all the physical evidence I have on god and I have some and it's not the stuff you may be used to hearing. I have scientific arguments, archaeological arguments, mathematical arguments, and all manner of logic. this is my gift from god to witness to the unsaved believe or not it makes no difference to me save for the pain in my heart knowing the danger of that non-place Sheol the pit devoid of all existence save for those who are there and their existence is stretched out isolated and suffering. i hate that place i will not choose to spend my eternity there grab hold of Jesus that is Yeshua and let him lead you away from there because it is a matter of focusing you intent either inward to the pit or outward toward heaven. Yeshua be with you and god bless

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  • [05/23/13 02:22pm]
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