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Setsuna's StoryBook
~*~ Welcome to my Journal! Thank you for choosing it to read! Hope you enjoy the little stories that popped out of my brain! ~*~
It all makes sense. I get it now. The root of all my negative feelings:

I really am alone.

I mean, sure, I have 6 really awesome people as friends, but.... do we really... connect?
One is often depressed with no real goals... she cusses, and immature, inappropriate humor. She's tough, can talk to virtually anyone, and is hyper active. We're so opposite, it kills me. It's hard to talk to her sometimes...
Another is violent, very cynical, and tomboyish. She loves medieval/LotR stuff, which I do too, but.... anime is my passion, and she can't grasp that idea. And it feels like she always judges me for "liking some who's not real/11 years older than I am." Also, she's very unfair.... I just.... agh.
The third is the nicest, and I'm so jealous of her. She has no trouble being herself. She's pretty, sweet, and nice. She takes things seriously, but she still has that side sorta like the First.... I love my friends, we fit like puzzle pieces. But they're like... puzzle pieces with the fitting general sides, but it's not... perfect.
Then there's the other two. We've been best friends for 3 years, but we're so split up now. You guys connected the best. Bu now that I think about it... you change a lot. Please, don't be like them.

And then there's me. I have dreams, I have ambitions, I have passions, I'm in love. I'm a coward with good grades and a brain. I want to be myself, but sometimes, the way people react to it, it makes me feel... terrible. Like I don't fit in. Like trying to be myself is a terrible idea. (There go the tears...) And talking about the things I want is hard. I WANT to talk about it, but it feels like the people i TRY to talk to won't care, so I stay quiet.

But that's not gonna stop me. That's never gonna stop me. My main goal is to become an Idol (I know... sounds waaay anime cheesy, but it's true.) and I'm gonna do it, even if I'm alone. I want to be able to sing and dance for people I love. I want to get fans who will love me and see the real me. Follow me if you want, I'll appreciate it. Even if you don't... I'll keep going.

I think what I really need... is someone to listen.

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