You guys probably didn't know this, but for the past month and a bit, I didn't have my phone. I was very attached to my phone, so it was a huge blow to me when I couldn't find it.

The model is a Nokia C3-00, btw.

During the span of time my phone was absent, I was using my mom's old phone, a phone which I don't particularly like. Like, seriously, the keys were as stiff as... idk, an expired eraser.

Just today, my phone was returned to me!! emotion_kirakira I can't express in words how overjoyed I am to have been reunited with this magical communication device. It is, truly, the most magical magic ever.

Just cause I thought it'd be a fun thing to do, I'm going to type down here all the text I've received when I didn't have my phone. I'm keeping the senders anonymous because... well, idek. Just 'cause.

Also, keep in mind that I wasn't a huge texter to begin with. I get more texts in a day than I got within this past month. I'm surprised at how little I got. Lucia = forever alone.

Oh. And it might be a bit boring since I'm pretty much the plainest Jane there is. I am also keeping the errors because if I fixed them, they would lose their authenticity. Without further ado, let's read my texts. emotion_yatta

Sender 1:
"When's practice tommorow again? 7?"

Sender 2:
"Lucia can i borrow a bus ticket after school?"

Sender 3:
"Are you going to beltline?"

Sender 4:
"Hey, the credo has to have 25 or more lines right?"

Sender 5:
"Your monthly service bundle will expire on 04/29/2013. Your account balance is $30.11 please ensure your account has sufficient funds to renew this service."
"Your Service Feature has been renewed and will expire on 05/29/2013."

Sender 6:
"Does bo me want to skype?"
"When does bo me want to skype?"

Sender 7 (my temporary phone):
"... Does anybody have my phone? I'd really appreciate it if someone returned it. Please reply."

Sender 8:
"Lucia tell my sister to come to Mary's when she is done tell her to call me"

Sender 9:
"I had a dream about you last night"

Sender 10:
"Do you guys want to have practice at school tomorrow? 12:30?Someone tell Carlina since I don't have her number."
"The practice is cancelled guys. -_- "
"Practice tomorrow at Federica's house. 2PM till 6 PM. Don't be late."

Okay. So a lot of these made me feel really guilty about losing my phone. emotion_facepalm Oh, and do note that I haven't read these texts prior to the creation of this entry.

Well, I have to go take a shower. Thank you all for reading and goodnight, if it's nighttime that is..

Today's lyrics are:
So do that dance in the dark,
Sharpen your teeth and bite as hard as you want.

I may have used this song before, but had different lyrics. For those who are new to my journal, which is probably you reading this right now, at the end of every entry, I put a snippet of lyrics. Comment the song's title and artist and a reward shall be granted, from yours truly. yum_puddi