My belief is simple; I listen to the directions provided directly through an omnipotent being's mouth/vocal narrative device. Said being has not granted me such simple request, therefore I'm still waiting. I find it easier to not rely on the words of books that give me a migraine trying to understand what in the preschool-level linguistics skills of horrendous repetition is meant to be taken seriously and by which of the 40+ translations are viewed as the "True Word".

I propose a simple solution; if destroying all religious textbooks would get this horse's a** to talk to everyone directly about what we're all supposed to do instead of relying on a bunch of people who think they saw Jesus/whoever's face on a moldy piece of bread, therefore it's sacred, then I'd have much more to live for. Of course, it's a win/win situation to destroy them all. Either A: No deity would come to correct this atrocity, or B: One or numerous gods would come to say which one would be the proper textbook.

That of course leads to me to believe that people have more faith in the books that proclaim God/god/gods will never speak to anyone ever again than actually receiving a direct command that everyone can hear so we're all at least partially on the same page. This also compels me to believe that my definition of "god" has a higher probability of occurring than what any other religions are expecting.

So again, the belief is simple; I only listen to direct commands when this deity gets off his/her/its high horse to tell me which of the 20+ "True Followers" of any given religious context are correct, including the Christian-Buddhist Explosionists of Sect #27 of the Galactic Code that believe a "god" was formed from a diffusion effect from the massive explosion (Big Bang) that created the space time continuum. (I made up that belief, and I might as well note that I'm serious about it, because I don't care.)

I'm tired of listening to 99+ types of religious sub-sects/cults and numerous atheists that try to create an illusion of community. There's a beam of light coming from the sky; should I go to it? I'm not sure if it's a god beckoning me to approach paradise, a tractor beam from the Mother Ship or a ray of sunlight. Until further notice, it's a ray of sunlight, and it wants to burn me.