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Leaving scam, ( don't fall for it )

One day some one could say this to u.
Leaving gaia.
There are 3 ways this could go down.
1. Some one is Leaving gaia, they don't care, they just Leav and change there settings to stop the emaiLs. ( so u would not know )
2. Make a big deaL of it, Leaving gaia, giving away stuff.
Ask why they are Leaving. if u have 2 accounts use the other one and PM them about some thing u would Like them to do next day.
There could be a Link to some forum, Like a contest. Only use it if it starts with There is not a big changs some one reaL would mask or sort the Link.
3. need your pass to send/give u my stuff.
if they need your pass it is a scam, So just tell them how to gift u.

Best thing to do if u feel bad/off about it is just say, see u tomorrow. And PM them in a day or 2. u can even use friends page to take down the day and see if they ever come back on.