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What to do, if u see a trick/scam/hack
Don't fall for this:
1. i got 20miL gold ( or more ), just ____ and u can get some:
Ask, When did u get it? What will u buy with it? Why don't u have some cooL item?, gold is no good, use the gold !
if they had gold for real they would use it, think about it, this is a game, u don't need items to play, so they got the gold because they want an item and should have the item. Gold is no good unless u use it.

2. Hay, Look, Free item ( name ), go to ( site )
Ask, Did u use the item or sell it?, i don't see it on u. Where/how did u fined it?
Why is the address not ?
Don't cLick the Link till u know it is safe, ask about it.
if it was real why would they need to mask it with a short cut address!
Easy to copy and past a Long address and most would not take the time to go make it short.
Nice thing is if it is real u can fined more free stuff if find/ask where they got it.
Most that fined free items Look for them so they have Lots of stuff or tips on how
to fined them.

But i would, right click the address Link and hit copy Location, then past it in a note pad to Look at it after, Log out and cLean my cookies and reset my PC even.
Then it is safe to Load it, so u can see how real it Looks

Any off site items or goLd that work, gaia will ban u for off site goLd!
Any that don't work have some code to take your pass, this is why they
don't show the full address.