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The Journal Of Bōhasu Mika (紡蓮 魅歌)
Late Bloom - Ch. I
Written By: Jeannette Anne Blanchard

Song: Wait

A dark green convertible Mini Cooper with silver stripes, it's black soft top down, pulls into a driveway. An attractive Japanese woman, with her long, black hair a windblown mess exits the car.
The woman, whom appears to be somewhere from her late twenties to her early thirties is wearing a demi-cup bikini top, and a pair of work slacks, over high heels. The outfit's all black, with some silver, partially matching the new car. The bikini top features a silver diagonal stripe over each breast cup, with the lower ends of the stripes meeting in center of her chest, at a silver clasp inbetween cups. The shoulder straps are also silver. The back of the bikini top is quite strappy, with finer, black straps inbetween the bikini band, and the silver shoulder straps. In contrast to the pale trend, she is proudly displaying a tan, and looks ready to hit the beach.
The property's unkempt front yard is full of boxes, furniture, and luggage. A smaller, younger woman, with pale-white skin, and very long golden hair is looking over writing on the boxes. This one is wearing a black baseball type hat, featuring a running cheetah on it, and what appears to be a stylish pair of darkly tinted sunglasses. The frames seem to be a shade of dark brown, and are rectangular in shape, rounded where there'd have been corners. Her outfit features a cleavage-displaying, dark olive green, bell sleeve shirt; and, black cargo capris. There's a nice pair of black women's zori on her feet.
The woman in the bikini tosses the other the car keys, which are caught with ease, and speaks in an alto voice, "Did Bosuka-san pick a room?"
The foreigner is staring with raised eyebrows at a scene across the street, causing the other woman to also notice. Her soprano voice is barely audible when she talks, "The one without a hole in the roof." She slips the car keys into a pocket.
The scene across the way is a pretty adolescent girl being walked home by four teenage boys who look out of her league. It can just barely be made out from their house that the boys are pestering her to see her home, with her trying to get rid of them.
The dark one's response is so loud it interrupts the teenagers, reversing which group is staring at the other, "There's a hole in the roof!? This place is nothing like the pictures online! It looked so pretty, clean, and new! Bosuka-san's mother should sue!"
"It's Boska. Bosuka sounds like you're calling me a bazooka."
An attractive man in his mid-thirties exits the house across the street with gusto, "Akane-chan is supposed to read shojo manga, not live one! What are these rich princes doing with my niece!? Get out of here!" He picks up a broom from his porch, and swings it at them, scattering them.
The Japanese woman, "When I was that age, I was lucky if the fat kid who obsessed over Sailor Moon noticed me..." Her eyes narrow, and she glares at what's visible of an old man staring at them over a fence dividing their property from that neighbor's. "Now, I'm a magnet for creeps!"
"Higashimura-san still gets male attention?" Boska cuts through the duct tape sealing a box with a long index fingernail. "Since I turned twenty-six, it seems almost no one notices I exist. They all think I'm still fourteen... So, none pursue in person, so I try the internet... But, only much older men will look at my profile now my age is over twenty-five. Hopefully, men in Japan will know I'm an adult and pursue in person..."
Higashimura responds, "They might notice Boska-san is an adult... Or, they might think Boska-san is a white teenager... Since Boska-san doesn't have large breasts, and towering height, Boska-san won't be of interest to men who like foreigners. Boska-san also won't appeal to men who prefer Japanese women. Invisible in the west, and invisible in the east."
"I'm still one of the most desirable women on Earth, which can't be said for Higashimura-san, so don't make it sound like I'm doomed! If Higashimura-san can get noticed, so can I!"
"Fight! Use the hose!" The man behind the fence shouts at them, reverting Higashimura's anger back to himself.
They both glare at him intensely.
Meanwhile, the man across the street pushes his niece into their house, and shuts the door. He stands in front of it, holding the broom in mockery of a martial arts pose at the four boys, "Get away from my house!"
The boys begin rolling up their sleeves, causing his eyes to widen. He quickly goes inside, shouting through the door, "I'm calling the cops!"
Boska thinks out loud, as she watches Higashimura spray the next-door-neighbor with the hose, "I might not be an expert, but I don't think this is a normal neighborhood."
"Boska-san is the one who chose not to live in proper Tokyo. So, we get weird neighbors... At least half are probably old!"
"If those punks come over here, do we hide inside like that man did?"
"No, I'll get them, too." Higashimura indeed sprays the boys with the hose next. "Get out of here! Go be normal, and get separate girlfriends!"
Boska disappears into the house, closing the sliding door through which she entered behind her.

Chapter II: Link

Trivia: Higashimura's family name is after Higashimura Akiko, the author/illustrator of Jellyfish Princess.

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