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Armory Susano Part 5
This event taken place during the Navy Seal search team in Cali. That day there was six members that undergo this task and only one came back out barely alive.

Corporal Josh: Hey private since your the rookie here your going to be taking point alright?

Private Nor: Yes, sir.

Corporal Will:
Come on Josh the kid is new to this be easy on em it's not like we are going into combat or anything we are just here to check things out right lieutenant?

Lieutenant Jake:
Come on ladies this is not just some kind of joke this is serious, we are here to make sure we aren't being under attack from unknown sources. Sergeant Jackson, are you sure you'll be okay doing this?

Sergeant Jackson: Yea, I'm okay lets get this job done and head back home.

Private Weck: WOOT WOOT that's what i wanna hear.

Lieutenant Jake:
Shut up Weck, we got some serious job to do keep focus everyone, we'll be going in two minutes.

It was just about time when things were about to start, from above stands those who knows nothing that's going undersea. And those who are undersea waiting for the right time to attack their prey.

Lieutenant Jake: Jackson are you sure your okay? You can just stay up here we got the new kid.

Sergeant Jackson: No no I'm okay lets do this thing.

Lieutenant Jake: Okay, alright seals mission task begins now.

Private Nor takes drops in first follow up by everyone else. The team split up into three teams. The team reached their marked task and was checking for any sign of attacks undersea.

Private Nor: We are clear no sign of anything what so ever.

Corporal Will: Nothing here sir.

Corporal Josh: No sign of any contact.

Lieutenant Jake: Good round u...

Private Nor: Wait sir.. I think I just saw something moving

Corporal Josh: Nor I swear if you lie I'm gonna kick your sorry as..

Corporal Will: Ssshhh I think my radar picked up something.

Lieutenant Jake: Team we got visual and this doesn't look good.

Sergeant Jackson: What the heck is that?

Private Weck: It looks like some kind of wrecked submarine.

Corporal Josh: AHA get it Weck, it's a sunk Weck submarine.

Lieutenant Jake: Enough focus soldier this doesn't look like ours.

Sergeant Jackson: The sub looks like it torn into pieces...

From the distance there was strange noises coming from inside the sunken submarine. There it was a great dragon that spotted the Seals.

Private Weck: Sir, permission to fire sir.

Lieutenant Jake: DL this is DU do you read. DL this is DU do you read?

Corporal Josh: Aww s**t come on pick up damn it.

Corporal Will: Sir, I think it sees us...

Sergeant Jackson: Jake, permission to fire?

Private Nor: Sir? I think it just let loose three creatures.

Sergeant Jackson:
JAKE! BEHIND YOU!! -Jake ducks down as Jackson shoots at the two glowing eyes staring back at Jackson.-

Susano: -the bullets hits Susano, but didn't affect him.- Your in my way.

Lieutenant Jake: Stop where you are... armor in red. Or we will engage with full contact.

Private Nor:
COUH!!! AHHH!!!!! -gets pulled by one of the three dragons and gets his head ripped off-

Corporal Josh:
To hell WITH THIS MAKE THEM STOP!!! -Josh opens fires at Susuno just before Josh gets stabs from the neck down to his back by one of the dragons-

Corporal Will:
AH s**t the third one is coming right from your six Sergeant Jackson. -Just before Will was about to open fire at the third dragon, it stabs through Jackson's shoulders and pierces into Will instantly killing him. Susano pulls out a sword from within his hands and strikes down one of the little dragons. Susano cuts off the dragon's horn beak off of Jackson. The third dragon was ripping Weck apart, as it meets eye to eye with Susano and makes an attack. Jake's leg was caught by the great dragon's tail. Susano cuts the little dragon into two pieces as he saw that the great dragon was trying to take over Jake's body. Susano saw the chance to kill the great dragon and flew through the water in a flash, moments later Susano was behind the great dragon. The great dragon froze for awhile before it's top half started to slide off. Jackson looks at Jake as Jake's body was being taken over by an outside force. It was blur to Jackson's eyes, but it was blue to him then everything turned black slowly.-

to be continued..

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