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my life, zomg, gaia, and etc. yea.
Armory Susano Part 4
During the interrogation Bujin was questioned for his disappearance, During the process Borg was about to be release from jail. They drugged Bujin with some strong drugs to make him confess. Bujin gave them the answers they asked for, but wasn't really the answers to what really happened. Bujin then was release a week after Borg was. The two both then met up at Gates's house.

Borg: What took you so long Bujin?

Bujin Suzuno: Well it was like you said they drugged me and I gave them answers.

Of all my years in the military I have never wanted to see my last comrade die before me.... All these years and for what?.....

Bujin Suzuno: Sir...

I left the military, I am no longer serving for the military. I am now just Borg, it's been a long time since anyone called me by my first name.

Bujin Suzuno: How should I address you then?

Borg: Just call me Luke, Luke Borg.

Bujin Suzuno: Luke sound good to me, so what are we going to do now Luke?

Luke Borg: Well there only one way to go and that way is to find where this dragon came from.

Bujin Suzuno: I thought you gave up?

Luke Borg:
I never gave up, I'm only leaving behind things that aren't in my interest anymore. Besides you look like your new to all these kinds of things, so I figured I should help out a bit.

Bujin Suzuno:
Are you sure Luke? You have already given too much away for nothing, I just don't want to make you come along if you didn't want to.

Luke Borg: Enough chit chat we got work to do....

[align=center]The two get their serious act on and started to traces back on the where the unknown dragon came from. Since the dragon came in as a soldier he was maybe infected by a dragon already. Checking back at the soldier's record they were clear he was clean, until they tracked down the soldier's parents. They asked the parents some questions, but nothing came of it that the soldier would turn out to be a dragon. Until they dig into more information of where they once lived. They used to live off by a shore nearby the western sea off of California. As they recalled back to the parents' stories when they were back in Cali. There was a mirror earth quake which didn't do much damage, but the soldier as a kid had gone missing for weeks on ends until they found him nearby their house off the shore. From just this much information, the conclusion was that the kid wasn't the kid but the dragon itself. [/align]

Bujin Suzuno:
So Luke this is what I came up with from the info I have. The soldier's family used to live in Cali when he was a child in his teens. His age at that time was about ten or eleven when he went missing for weeks. During the earth quake nothing much was destroyed, but a little warehouse for testing nuclear weapons. Which means the warehouse must have been aware of the earth cause the dragon was being held there. That's when the dragon broke out loose and taken the form of the kid, since then it has been tracking me down? hmm something isn't right here Luke something else is still missing.

Luke Borg:
Hmm sound good, but you got some holes in your stories Bujin. Back then before the earth quake in Cali, there was a sealed case under the sea level. Unable to be seen by human from above, the ground was breaking up from the ground up it didn't caused much, but if it had open up more the surface of Cali would've sunk under. The case was lead by a group of team none others then the Navy Seals. The group had six members under ground when they started their task, but only one came back up alive. The last member then was taken back to a top secret location. Since then no one really knew what happened to his crew or whatever happened down there. Not long after the case was reopened, the second Navy Seal team was able to bring back some kind of scales from the ocean dept. It was then brought to the warehouse.

Bujin Suzuno: Nice job Luke Borg, aha you did some nice work on that part.

Luke Borg:
well there goes something for you to learn always check for what happened after and before. Otherwise you'll be stuck in one spot clueless. Now our only clue now is to find this retired Navy Seal. His name is Hanes Jackson.

to be continued...

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