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Random stuff
my life, zomg, gaia, and etc. yea.
Armory Susano Part 3
Soon after the explosion the dragon makes way into the lab, the dragon notice Bujin was gone.

Dragon: Where is the boy?

Captain Borg:
You killed one of my man, your going to pay for what you've done you damn devil spawn!

Til death do your biting part ways. -the dragon raises it's right deadly claws about to strike the captain-

Sergeant Gates:
Hey you devil spawn! your should focus on me! -Gates grabs one of the bio guns and tries to shoot the dragon, but nothing came out so he threw the bio at the dragon's head- Make a run for it captain!

You weak human are nothing but food to us. -The dragon's claws guts into Gates as Borg gets knock down by it's tail.-

Bujin Suzuno:
Tssshh!!!! Tssshh!!! -for some odd reason the machine has combined itself onto Bujin.-

Dragon: BUJIN!!!! RAAWR!!!! -the dragon makes a dash towards Bujin.-

Captain Borg:
What in the world has that soldier turned into. -Bujin makes the first move and pierces into the dragon's heart-

COUH!!! AHhhh... how can you a mere human combined with machine do... -drops dead-

Bujin Suzuno: Tssshh!!! Tssshh!! Sir are you alright?

Captain Borg: check on Gates... he's in a bad condition bring him to help.

Bujin Suzuno: He'll gone sir... -picks up Gates- Sir what will happened to us?

Captain Borg:
I don't know, but we'll have to report this issue to the military before anything gets out and this is now top secret. You better keep this to yourself and don't spill out anything to anyone.

Bujin Suzuno: Yes, sir...

Captain Borg reported to the people above, the area was sealed off to everyone expect a few research team. Gates was then taken away to be researched on. Borg was outraged by this and attacked the researcher. Bujin stood by the whole time in silent until they questioned him. Bujin told them lies only under one condition, to keep Captain Borg safe. Couple days later after the incident, Borg was imprisoned and Bujin was on the run from the military forces. The day before Borg was imprisoned Bujin and Borg had a little talk. Borg gave orders to Bujin to keep silents about the machine that had infused into Bujin's body, until the time was right and they were both clear of the radars. Not long after Bujin faked his disappearance, he turned himself in.

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