Alright, lets all ignore my most recent emotional moment and skip right to my day dream.

Its about 270 years into the future. For the past 20-30 years it's been an apocalyptic waste land. Majority of the world population is now dead, the only survivers are the people of gaia. See, as it turns out, gaiaonline wasn't just an online hang out place, but a big science experiment. No one on gaia knew about this, and one day everyone who played gaia was suddenly kidnapped. So for me, the last thing i'd remember is a window breaking, the sound of osmeone throwing a bottle into the room and then the sound of gas escaping, and then i pass out. So on the news it just looked like a thousand people were kidnapped withing 48 hours or something.
This strange event was known globally and remained a mystery until 200 years later. However, the people on gaia only planned to keep us for only 100 years. Until the war happened. So blah blah blah, world became a waste land, blah blah blah ,technology was at its peak until it totally collapsed on itself, blah blah blah.
I'm still on the drawing board for why the gaians were taken and what experiment this was. Maybe they were the ones that made the war happen. Anyways. My story starts when i awaken.
For the past 200 years i was put into this futuristic pod thing that has been keeping me preserved all this time. It's kind of like the things used in Avatar or something, or like Oblivion. So me and the other people in my town were put in an under ground cavern for our section of the city. Then, my pod opens up giving my a blast of cold crisp air. It's painful at first, making me lgiht headed, and when i open my eyes i see a face staring down at my concerned and apprehensive.
Long story short. Its shane, he brings me to his hide out to where raven and steele are, they explain to me whats happening, and we go on a quest to find our friends on gaia all while trying to deal with the fact that everyone is dead. Oh and also trying to deal with eachother. This could become a big thing someday. Like a book or anime or something. Hue hue. Mooching stories ideas off of friends drama. I would feel guilty about it, but its a damn good idea. Futuristic jet fight scenes, teen drama. This is the new walking dead.
It wil lbe funny awkward and romantic. Yes.