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my life, zomg, gaia, and etc. yea.
Armory Susano Part 2
Time was my only friend on earth, ah well time was finally on my side again. Since my latest research, the unknown creature that attacked our home wasn't just any creature or dragon. It was Susa in the flesh, maybe the rumors about me and him is true. Maybe we are but one and the same, but who really knows right? ...... What doesn't get me is why would it attack us instead? hmmmm maybe father is still alive? No can't be I found his... this isn't true... maybe I'll have to do any round up to double check and see if it's true. Finally some clues that picks up form the last scene. Hmm clear this is my father's lab coat, but his body isn't here.... As I search for more answers the more it become darker. Many of my research have been a dead end since the military had most of the sites restricted. Of all things why would the human have interest in this kind of stuff? Hmm maybe they were just after something my father was after. Susano no. Seems like someone has been tracking me, this doesn't look good.

Soldier: Hey you stop where you are now.

Bujin Suzuno: Oh hey, I was just wrapping up stuff here and leaving duty.

Soldier: What do you have in that bag of yours?

Bujin Suzuno: nothing sir, here you can take a ... look... sir are you alright?

Soldier: AHH!!!

Bujin Suzuno: it can't be he's a dragon I thought only females were the only ones..

Soldier: RAAAAAAAWR!!!

Bujin Suzuno: This isn't good I don't have anything against this thing.

Dragon: We have been searching for you Bujin.

Bujin Suzuno:
Well take this AHHHH!!! -smashes the dragon with some chemicals- Heh well that didn't do much RUNN!!!!

Dragon: Get back here!!

Bujin Suzuno: Without anything to hurt this dragon I'm done for...

Soldier 1: Hey what's that noise back there that your making soldier.

Bujin Suzuno: Help me!!!

Soldier 2: Sir something big is headed this way and it's making it's way here fast.

Soldier 3: Permission to fire sir?

Soldier 1: Hold your fire.

Bujin Suzuno: Fire your damn guns it's going to kill us all -dragon walks into clear lighting-

Soldier 1: What in the world is that?

Soldier 3: Sir permission to fire sir!?

Dragon: RAWRR!!!!

Soldier 1,2, and 3: FIRE!!!! -boom boom boom each soldier drops a whole clip into the dragon-

Bujin Suzuno: It's alive run!!! -dragon slashes one of the soldier and crushes his head-

Soldier 2: Run captain Borg!!

Captain Borg: Damn it it got one of my soldier!! -all three running from the dragon-

Captain Borg:
Hold him down sergeant Gates. -punches Bujin Suzuno and holds him down on the ground-

Sergeant Gates: What the hell where you doing back there soldier?!

Bujin Suzuno: Nothing, but my job sergeant.

Captain Borg: Sshhh I hear something.. hurry get him up, where going to the MaKx lab now.

Sergeant Gates: But sir...

Captain Borg:
No buts, our lives is on the line here soldier do you wanna die? I lost many men and I ain't letting you go down like them alright.

Bujin Suzuno:
Wait what are we doing here in the Makx lab? why can't you just contact the others soldiers? This place is restricted.

Sergeant Gates: You just heard the captain earlier now didn't you now shut up.

Captain Borg: Gates have you ever tested one of these things?

Sergeant Gates: No, but I'll like to try out one.

Captain Borg: No, you'll die if you pilot one.

Bujin Suzuno:
If your not trained right for this kind of machine you'll be crushed by it while piloting one. These are the lately foot machine soldiers the military have created. But up until now so far only four out of hundreds of soldiers have pass the machine test to be able to pilot them. Even then you can only pilot one machine.

Captain Borg: -looks at Bujin Suzuno- your one of them four pilots right soldier?

Bujin Suzuno: No sir I.. I...

Captain Borg: Gates get him on one, he talks too much.

Bujin Suzuno:
-gets kicks around and pushed into one of the machines- Wait I never done this before sir, wait you can't do this to me. -the machine waves kicks in and crushes Bujin- AAAHHHHH!!!! -the machine explodes right before the dragons makes it's entry-

to be continued...

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